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SOTM July 2017 -'And now for something completely different'


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I remember I did a short solo version of the Flinstones theme exactly 5 years ago.

- 'Flinstones Theme' (Florida no USA 10* - Plasticover 2) - solo:

I had some idea's for other tunes, but didn't have enough time to find sheet music and backings before my once a month recording possibility came (this evevning!). So I did another solo take of the Flinstones Theme with some solo choruses ('I Got Rhythm' chords) and no backing track. Same player, same mouthpiece, same horn, other reed, 5 years later!

- 'Flinstones Theme' (Florida no USA 10* - Rico Royal 2) - solo 2017:


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Theme from a British TV series that I have never watched, but I do have it in a book of music by Jim Parker, so I knocked up a piano part in Sibelius and played this on alto. I think the series was set in the 1920s and the music has a sort of 20s feel.

The House of Eliott V3 Rhys alto.wav - Box

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Guys you have all been a 'little' busy>:) round here :clapping: Still over a week left in the month BUT, I would like everyone to have a think about a topic/genre for next months SOTM. PM me and we can have a chat about it and see if you would like to host the month. A couple of examples, songs recorded by a certain musician eg any song recorded by Stan Getz or The Beatles, songs from a particular year might be your birth year, or just a fav year for you. Perhaps even No1 hits from a certain year.



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Ok, sadly not getting enough time, but I'm working on this, as usual it's way beyond my current ability, no idea if I'll ever get good enough to play it tbh, but it's fun.

Happy20170723.mp3 - Box

With regards to suggestions for future themes, I guess that's going to decide how successful this format can be. I think that the theme this month was a very good choice, and although I suggested the format of giving people a theme, this theme was entirely down to Chris.

I think generic themes, that can be interpreted in different genre's will be best; rather than say Music by X. But lets see, hopefully I'll have a little more time next month...just don't pick Disco as a theme :)
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