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Cafe Saxophone - the ideal online establishment for saxophone players to meet, have a chat, a debate, listen to and critique each others' playing, share ideas or just find stuff out. Players (old & new), teachers, students, saxophone manufacturers, retailers - all are welcome to contribute.

You don't need to be an expert, just have a love of the saxophone and saxophone players. Maybe you are a teacher with some unique or exciting method or a you could be a world class touring and recording artist. Maybe you are a beginner with some frustrating experiences and solutions to share. Whatever, there is something here for you to teach and/or learn.

Taming the Saxophone is our other main saxophone site where you can find loads of information about saxophones, saxophone playing (and players), accessories, mouthpieces, tone exercises, fingering exercises, jazz, rock & blues improvisation and lots more.

Recent Posts

  1. fastrak1

    Recently Retired - Finally off the boat and have some space for the horn!

    Targa...Yes it felt like it too...and it got just about that much attention in all the Truck Stops across America... and to... richardr In response to your question..."Is your Selmer Reference a 54?" As a matter of fact it is...another "short...

  2. Alice

    Playing the sax has changed my life

    Hello and welcome... I also acted upon my dream to learn the saxophone when my relationship broke. I agree with you... I've only been playing for a year but it has really helped to focus me on the positives and really kept me going in the first...

  3. Alice

    Saxophones Adolphe Sax

    It's odd isn't it? I've always wondered too. They are the opposite of kindle in that respect because the words can't be destroyed all the time you have an electricity supply. "Kindle means to set alight or start to burn, to arouse or be aroused,...

  4. Targa

    New Album: Work in Progress

    Only to Londoners who apparently think if they give a building a name it makes it architecturally interesting.

  5. Targa

    Saxophones So! you watched the unboxing, now lets hear it already !

    If I have to watch an instruction video it should at least have a good looking teacher.

  6. Jazzaferri

    Is it really cheating?

    great story thanks Pete