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  1. kevgermany
  2. kevgermany

    Bohemian Rhapsody, sax choir.

    Yes, but I was thinking of the Austria comedians.

  3. altissimo

    How I want to be when I grow up.........

    I think I prefer the Young At Heart Chorus - [MEDIA]

  4. Jazzaferri

    Gig opportunity

    What happens when musicians play for "exposure" or other free. It creates a vibe that music has no monetary value. Its a huge issue over here. 50 years ago we used to get about $300 per night for a bar gig. That is still pretty much the going...

  5. AlanT

    BOTM February 2017 Smile

    The Selmer Soloist I have is my favorite on alto for sure! Never thought of getting one for tenor and come to think of it I bought an old tenor that came with both a Selmer S80 and S90 which may not be a bad place to start. Time to dig them out...

  6. Andrew Sanders

    Hello from Norfolk (UK)

    If you jump ship this time you'll be in for it. We know where you live (Norfolk). Welcome back.

  7. Royston

    Recording GarageBand on iPhone

    Cheers Mandy That's the one I was going to try. People say the saxophone's voice so will that a go.

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