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You don't need to be an expert, just have a love of the saxophone and saxophone players. Maybe you are a teacher with some unique or exciting method or a you could be a world class touring and recording artist. Maybe you are a beginner with some frustrating experiences and solutions to share. Whatever, there is something here for you to teach and/or learn.

Taming the Saxophone is our other main saxophone site where you can find loads of information about saxophones, saxophone playing (and players), accessories, mouthpieces, tone exercises, fingering exercises, jazz, rock & blues improvisation and lots more.

Recent Posts

  1. kevgermany

    Saxophones The Baritone has landed.

    Older landies don't take well to big engines. Driveline is too weak and the gearing is very wrong. Even if you get that sorted, the steering and brakes are scary. But I got over my addiction. The mistake was driving it every day in an urban...

  2. kevgermany

    Sax on the Weald of Kent

    Big welcome from me. Agree with the suggestions. But also finding someone to teach improv will help.

  3. kevgermany

    tattie sax dek

    Hi, big welcome from me. Have fun.

  4. mrpeebee

    BOTM February 2017 Smile

    Alan, your recordings on that old Berg 120 you played years ago where always sounding great in my ears. What happended to that piece?

  5. Vetinari

    Teddy Bears Picnic.

    Wots cornets got to do with anything.. We are the woodwind section, not brass..:)

  6. Ivan

    Michael Brecker

    I've heard scraps of Mickael Brecker Must get on and give him a propet listen

  7. fitsgandoon

    Beginner Tenor sax key fault

    My tenor sax keys R1 1st finger and R2 2nd finger are stuck half open. Any Ideas?

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