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  1. thomsax

    Saxophones Keilworth & Buescher @ Howarth

    I know , there was a guy behing the desk and we had eye contact .... I like Mike Duchstein Saxophon-Service. Also a looked door (the business is in a former apartment on the ground floor) and the staff use to open and say: Welcome/Willkommen! My...

  2. brianr

    Wanted Meyer style alto mouthpiece

    Well done. Ive been hearing good reports about these Navarro mouthpieces, and finding some great clips on you Tube of guys playing them. So, its interesting to hear your good report too. Thanks On tenor Ive been playing a vintage metal link...

  3. Briz

    Other Sellers in Suffolk/Norfolk/Essex

    I now have the TJ Revolution! and enjoying it already. Its much easier to blow and the ease and speed of the fingering is far superior. It doesnt seem to take as long to warm up either. I dont know yet whether I will miss the endearing rattles of...

  4. Vetinari

    Room 101

    Political correctness. It gets it wrong and far from stopping a problem causes more. I cannot cite any cases as the PC brigade would censure my anti PC stance.>:)

  5. Guenne

    John Harle's "The Saxophone"

    I was talking to my coach about that in our lesson on Sunday. In my opinion, there's more danger in telling somebody do something in a certain range of the horn, do that, say "hee", say "hoo", keep your tongue in a certain position or whatever...

  6. Juju

    Teachers Baritone Sax specialist teacher

    I think it's a good idea to contact her via her website. Regarding the question whether it's actually important to have a specialist baritone teacher you should maybe define what issues you intend to address specifically and whether these...

  7. Jeanette
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