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Recent Posts

  1. Mike T

    F# fingering problems

    That fingering's a bit extreme, isn't it ? T – – 3 | 1 2 –

  2. Mike T

    G'day from Bendigo

    Hi, Jeanette, kevgermany, Ivan, SaxoFREAK, Andante cantabile, and Jim Justin Chune, thank you for your welcomes! They're much appreciated.

  3. kevgermany

    M/Pieces - Ligs Passaround: D'Addario TENOR Select Jazz

    I think David's middle of the road sound is what you're looking for. But he also said well made. Which is where Philippe and the others he listed fit. If the D'Addario is that we'll made by machine, like the alto, it'll be hard to beat.

  4. kevgermany

    Beginner Tongue position

    Mind's too long/won't curl up, so I use the flat of the tongue and curl the tip down.

  5. carburetor

    New man that lost his leg, but not his lips!

    Welcome to the Cafe. I do not have experience with the Allora student alto (I don't play alto), but I did purchase and compare the Allora student soprano and the "Vienna Series" intermediate soprano. At the time, the intermediate was on sale so...

  6. sdt99

    Spelling Auto Correct of the Week

    Have they seen the reviews ?

  7. jbtsax

    How hard to work for low notes

    Another factor that hasn't been mentioned is that mouthpieces with a pronounced baffle make it harder to play the lowest notes without subtoning---especially on tenor. At least that has been my experience.

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