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Recent Posts

  1. jbtsax

    Technical G# not closing

    It is unusual for a spring, especially a heavy one like the one found on the G# touch to break in the center. It most likely was caused by someone inappropriately putting a "kink" in the spring while bending it rather than a smooth curve. If...

  2. nigeld

    G'day-New to the instrument & the scene

    Welcome. Have you decided whether to go for alto or tenor?

  3. Alice

    Who sparked your love of Sax music

    He's new here and hasn't done a search on it yet! I did the other day ( Baker Street Day :oops: ) and my computer caught on fire! :p Or spontaneously combusted. Don't worry @Bones I like Baker Street! :p I can't make the upper notes 'scream' or...

  4. David Roach

    Classical sound on tenor

    I personally didn't start reading books on playing until I was already well on the road and working professionally. In fact the first instruction book I had was a flute tutor by two well known American flautists Condon & Stokes which has the most...

  5. jbtsax

    Preservation Hall Jazz Band

    I will pass the compliment on to him. He is what I would call a "master teacher".