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Cafe Saxophone - the ideal online establishment for saxophone players to meet, have a chat, a debate, listen to and critique each others' playing, share ideas or just find stuff out. Players (old & new), teachers, students, saxophone manufacturers, retailers - all are welcome to contribute.

You don't need to be an expert, just have a love of the saxophone and saxophone players. Maybe you are a teacher with some unique or exciting method or a you could be a world class touring and recording artist. Maybe you are a beginner with some frustrating experiences and solutions to share. Whatever, there is something here for you to teach and/or learn.

Taming the Saxophone is our other main saxophone site where you can find loads of information about saxophones, saxophone playing (and players), accessories, mouthpieces, tone exercises, fingering exercises, jazz, rock & blues improvisation and lots more.

Recent Posts

  1. jbtsax

    Orchestral and ensemble playing

    One of my tricks was to have the bass clarinet play his/her part alone for the section I wanted to have better balance. Then I instructed the rest of the group to play so that they could hear that part when they were all playing.

  2. Targa


    She's sort of the opposite, she was the founder and president of Rosemary Conley Diet And Fitness Clubs.

  3. Targa

    Cafe Sax Meet 2017?

    I deleted mine, been moderated twice today already.

  4. tenorviol

    Tenor Viol's musings

    Today was sax ensemble day. Five of us today, including a new member. It was a good day.

  5. Andrew Sanders

    Hiatus hernia

    I keep getting phone calls about PPIs. I didn't realise they were asking about hiatus hernias.