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Cafe Saxophone - the ideal online establishment for saxophone players to meet, have a chat, a debate, listen to and critique each others' playing, share ideas or just find stuff out. Players (old & new), teachers, students, saxophone manufacturers, retailers - all are welcome to contribute.

You don't need to be an expert, just have a love of the saxophone and saxophone players. Maybe you are a teacher with some unique or exciting method or a you could be a world class touring and recording artist. Maybe you are a beginner with some frustrating experiences and solutions to share. Whatever, there is something here for you to teach and/or learn.

Taming the Saxophone is our other main saxophone site where you can find loads of information about saxophones, saxophone playing (and players), accessories, mouthpieces, tone exercises, fingering exercises, jazz, rock & blues improvisation and lots more.

Recent Posts

  1. Veggie Dave
  2. jeremyjuicewah

    M/Pieces - Ligs Hooligan

    Have been on TTS to see about this ere hooligan. I am not doing too well. Is it only in 10 or 11? Or are there smaller tips? Its on back order, how long? Anyone know? Cheers Mike

  3. jeremyjuicewah

    Flutter Tongue.

    Think I posted somewhere on here that my ghastly aunt (deceased) was published by Mills and Boon so if I am a little bit Mills and Boony then its in the genes. And that is where it is staying, as with all Mills and Boon. They were always very...

  4. trimmy

    SOTM November 2016 - My Heart Belongs to Daddy

    They are but that looks more like a snog :eek:

  5. spike

    SOTM, Dec 2016. - Believe from Polar Express.

    Give that reed a bit of welly Mandy - show it who's boss. Sometimes those Arundos just need a crack of the whip, and a few stern staccatos on their B flats. Good luck on Monday. Sock it to 'em ;-) You know you can! We all know you can!

  6. saxyjt

    The best and the brightest (and the newest)

    I bet the groom loved you for that! PS: My english being imperfect at times, I had written broom instead of groom initially, but I knew something was wrong so I checked before posting... :confused:

  7. nigeld
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