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Cafe Saxophone - the ideal online establishment for saxophone players to meet, have a chat, a debate, listen to and critique each others' playing, share ideas or just find stuff out. Players (old & new), teachers, students, saxophone manufacturers, retailers - all are welcome to contribute.

You don't need to be an expert, just have a love of the saxophone and saxophone players. Maybe you are a teacher with some unique or exciting method or a you could be a world class touring and recording artist. Maybe you are a beginner with some frustrating experiences and solutions to share. Whatever, there is something here for you to teach and/or learn.

Taming the Saxophone is our other main saxophone site where you can find loads of information about saxophones, saxophone playing (and players), accessories, mouthpieces, tone exercises, fingering exercises, jazz, rock & blues improvisation and lots more.

Recent Posts

  1. Alphorn

    Saxophones Cheap Tenor and Alto

    You did not realize "<<" Admittedly there is only the Yamaha mpc provided within the case. Alphorn

  2. Targa

    Saxophones Tart Warmer - on Gumtree!

    This thread has become a tarte conversation. [IMG]

  3. saxyman

    For Sale Bauhaus-Walstein Bronze Tenor

    Bahaus- Walstein Bronze/Brass Tenor in great condition. Purchased a Mauriat so this sadly will have to go as I no longer need it. Very little used as it was my spare horn. I'm selling it with a Yamaha Hard Case in addition because the zip on the...

  4. c9off

    Alan Holmes

    His main group was "Sounds Incorporated" - plenty of clips on YT, they played with many of the big names.. loads of energy! I have had lessons with him, he liked to chat!! @trimmy can't believe you want to move down south?.....

  5. jonf

    Instrumental snobbery!

    I think it varies a lot. There are Selmer snobs for sure, and there are also plenty of people who strongly express their own preference for a particular brand. Personally I'm more interested in how a sax plays, and also in how it plays relative...