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SOTM July 2017 -'And now for something completely different'


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No not 'Monty Python' sorry guys:)

Rather than one person hosting the month and giving us one song to play. I'm going to give everyone a Genre to play, find a song from the given genre and give it your all:).

So the months Genre is 'Film or TV Themes'

So find one you like and post your version of playing it, I'll be around if anyone needs any backing tracks, I'll see what we can put together :) One tip I would give is. 'google' is your friend, as well as 'musescore' and free midifiles.:)

It doesn't matter how long the track is and it doesn't need any 'improv' For examples of 'older' tv shows, E.R. St.Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues all would make great versions:)

Have fun:):)



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hehe, I can cheat and carry on playing GoT :)

Teacher is here tomorrow after a 2 week break, but, we may have to compete with a digger doing the foundations for my new studio :) Must be something appropriate, I'll think


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Hello! I'm trying to play the sax for about three years now. Last October I did this song from the movie "Days of Thunder"...

Very nice! At 3 years I was still squakin'-and-ah squeekin' but you sound sweet. Looking forward to hearing more from you here.

This is where I start. Click on pic

You are going to have to let us in on how you make your sax sound like a helicopter, that was awesome! ;)
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Just to give you a few ideas here is...
Another suggestion for the less experience, in YouTube, type "how to play theme", and you'll get loads of different examples, often with a play along score that you can follow. A backing track isn't totally necessary.
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