Teacher Wanted Poole and Bournemouth Saxophone teachers help!


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I'm over in Lymington and was wondering about doing some playing other than to records at home. I see that James runs the Tuesday Night Jazz Orchestra but have two difficulties with this. My children have piano and singing lessons on a Tues eve until 1945, so would be late getting over. Then I see that he asks participants to be at least Grade 5 sight reading whereas I play predominantly by ear (a Maths teacher who struggles to count, musically speaking...).

Are there any other opportunities members know of either in Bournemouth/Poole or Southampton. Musical interests are very varied, most enjoy playing Soul, R&B and Blues and stuff like Ska. I play Tenor.

Pee Dee

Hi dallardj nice too see there is someone else from Poole on here, when I first joined the cafe I asked similar questions as you,
any teachers, other players in the area etc and didn't get any response, but now it seems there are a few in the area.
There was a learning swing band that met at Merley house nr Wimborne, run by Joe Gurr, who also teaches, but I don't know if that is still going. Chris Wild who contributes to this forum occasionally could help there.
I agree about the Music Factory, I had a few lessons there and was not at all impressed. The are better suited to teaching kids.
Now I just play at home for my own pleasure, learning from books, CD's, DVD's. One day I'll buck up the courage and go out and do a bit of busking, maybe you would care to join me!
Anyway, good luck with your search, James Rawlinson certainly looks good.



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Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
Hey Pee Dee sorry about the late reply! I always get behind with things!
I am self taught up to this point with the sax too! Luckily I have had members of my band who play sax guiding me in the right direction! I believe there is a band called come prima local, for all ages and abilities that I might go along and have a look at soon! Once I have found out a bit more about it ill let you know, if you might fancy coming along too? Sounds like a good thing just for the sake of getting out and playing!
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