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Teacher Wanted Poole and Bournemouth Saxophone teachers help!


Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
Hi all!

This is my first post to the forum after spending many months just browsing.

Im wondering if any of the Dorest sax folk could help me out?

I am currently looking for a good friendly Tenor sax teacher in Poole or Bournemouth!
I currently play keys in a local band where my intrest in sax sparked from a couple of our players, and I have been self learning now since about June.

I am now ready to start taking my learning a lot more seriously and want to find a good friendly encouraging teacher!

Theres so much I need direction with on sax and its very hard to find the answers trying to self teach!

If your a teacher please introuduce yourself to me on here! Or if any of you know of any good ones please drop me a post here!

Ive tried a couple so far and dont feel they suit what Im looking for in my learning although they have been really nice people!

Im very into motown, northern soul, Ska, Jazz a bit of classical etc, so it'll be good to find someone who might share an intrest in these branches of music!

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this!

Hope to hear from some of you soon!!!
The only problem with James is that he looks a lot like Harry Enfield.........!
There are also some other Sax teachers in Dorset - try www.musicteachers.co.uk which has a search function which is fairly self explanatory. James is on the list, along with about 20 others. I am sure Andy1970 would know what he is doing.

For me the key thing is getting someone who sounds spot on your wavelength - always make a telephone enquiry and see how you get on. If you are not sure it is usual practice to have an initial no obligation lesson/session and proceed by agreement.

You could PM Andy 1970 for any feedback on his experience.
Kind regards

p.s. A Big Welcome to the Cafe!
Thanks guys!

Amazingly fast responses!
Thats definatley what I am having trouble finding at the moment, someone on my wavelength.

I was very lucky back when learning piano as my tutor shared a lot of musical influences with me.
I will contact Andy 1970 for some feedback as its always great to know current or past students experiences!

I did have one lesson at a place called the music factory in bournemouth. I booked the lessson in person a week in advance, when I arrived on the day for my lesson I was left standing there for about 10 minutes and got some funny looks from the bloke until he asked can I help you?! The bloke forgot who I was and didnt have any record of me booking and pre-paying for this lesson.. fortunatley I keep receipts!! He then called a teacher down and asked if he could take me for the lesson.

We went off we went to this little room at about a total of 15 minutes into the lesson. I still had to set my sax up which took another 5 minutes. When I finally got on with the lesson it seemed very unstructured and unorganised just kind of going through things to fill out the time. The bloke who taught me was nice but not really the teacher type! Great for jamming though. but by this point I thought the whole thing was beyond redemption! Finally after a 20 minute late start the lesson came to an end the shocking part was the hour ended without making up any of the twenty minutes they had stolen from me! And I still had to pay the whole 24 pounds!!

The second teacher I had was again a very nice bloke but he and I both knew we werent really suitable for eachother as we both were so musically different so we just parted saying we wouldnt book up another lesson yet. But feel free to get in touch.

This is why I decided to post on this forum to perhaps gauge some opinions of local students and encourage some friendly banter with the local teachers! That way I might have some ideas before going into anything! I would love to find and get in touch with the Bournemouth and Poole sax Loop if that makes sense!!

Again thanks to you both!

Some Great advice much appreciated!!!
I think that many places that set themselves up as Schools of Music can be a real con. Several that I have known are poorly run and just seem designed to make excessive amounts of money from the parents of teenage kids. You are usually better off with a private teacher that you have checked out beforehand, many of whom offer an initial 1/2 hour free lesson. The key thing, then, is often whether a teacher has a more classical background and leaning or a more jazz/contemporary focus, and has a more facilitative or didactic approach or a bit of both.

My main sax teacher was great - when I was setting up my sax they were usually making me a cup of tea before the lesson proper started. He got the balance spot on between facilitative and didactic too!

Your experience is a really shoddy one, but is not untypical, sadly.
Sorry to hear about your experience - that's really a very poor show. My experiences, thus far, with music teachers have been very good. This posting is a bit longer than I originally meant, but I thought my experiences might be helpful?

My singing teacher was a pro counter-tenor, whose day job was running the music services for a local authority. He charged a half hour rate but gave you an hour slot - he reckoned by the time you covered off the hellos and got set-up and caught up with news etc that it was fairer. In reality it was about a 45 minute lesson, in an hour time-slot - it was good value and I had weekly lessons with him for 10 years.

Viol teachers are less common than hen's teeth or pterodactyls flying over north Shropshire ;} . I'm lucky that there is one within 20 miles, just over the border in Wales. He was a pro viol and lute player, but decided to become an IT person (probably to pay the bills :D). He teaches lute and viol (he acts as a part-time lute tutor for the RNCM). He's very affable and avuncular and I have an hour lesson with him that lasts about 90 minutes.

My sax tutor is a semi-pro clarinet and sax player and his day bill-paying job (hmm there's a thread here :rolleyes:....) he's a woodwind tech. He's very encouraging and understands adult learners are very different from children and teenagers. He really likes that I can read music fluently and that he can focus on technique :))).

Now looking for a 'cello teacher - which is proving surprisingly difficult :shocked:

At the end of the day, it's what you want so don't accept or pay for something that does not provide what you want - you're paying so you call the tune!
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I'm moving to Poole in December... Not that I'm suggesting you wait!!


On the one hand there's Andy1970's Harry Enfield lookalike, on the other hand there's the infamous, supercool Saxnik...........but which is better........... there's only one way to find out................:shocked::w00t:;}

I'd be happy with Saxnik - only 6 weeks to go................
Thanks guys!

You all make great points! Music Factory is definatley the right name for this place!
After having my first lesson there and speaking to others who have had similar experiences, I can certainly say my experience was not unique! I have yet to speak to one person who has anything good to say about this place! In paticular proffessional musicians!

One thing I do note though is children seem to do ok at this place it certainly seems to work for the early years but as a more mature person the teaching is completley untailored! It is run completley like a machine.

The actual owner I found is quite rude to a lot of his customers on the phone and to parents of students, that kind of smart ass, belittling attitude from what I have seen on a couple of visits!

I remember trying a Selmer Tenor there with the view to buying if I liked it but found it didnt suit me.
He was kind of quite sarcastic about it " Well I assure you its the best we have in the shop"
That may be the case for someone else but its what suits me right? Could be someones ultimate all time favourite sax but it wasnt for me!

I dont think its a shop I would recommend to anyone! Although im not up on all the Sax shops in Dorset so if anyone knows any decent shops that have a nice little sax section let me know!

"At the end of the day, it's what you want so don't accept or pay for something that does not provide what you want - you're paying so you call the tune!"

I certainly think this sums it up Tenorviol! And its certainly an approach im going to have to take from now on, in my search for the right teacher!

Tom your also right 6 weeks isnt long to wait! And I had a little look at saxnicks site and the sound clips and I have to say your playing style and tastes seem to be right up my street! So you might be a viable option as to what im looking for in a teacher when you move down! You will have to keep me posted as to when your settled down here and ready to teach!

Thanks again to everyone who has replied to this thread!

Its very much appreciated,

In the meantime, get practicing those scales then, and see if you can work out 'Happy Birthday' (or similar) by ear - if you can already do this try another key or two...! If that's too easy choose a trickier tune. Since you're already familiar with how scales and tunes work it's just a case of working out the fingers and breathing, I guess. Looking forward to it.

Thanks Tom for your vote of confidence. Certainly never been described as 'supercool' before!

Thanks guys!

Tom your also right 6 weeks isnt long to wait! And I had a little look at saxnicks site and the sound clips and I have to say your playing style and tastes seem to be right up my street! So you might be a viable option as to what im looking for in a teacher when you move down! You will have to keep me posted as to when your settled down here and ready to teach!


I would just like to add my endorsement to Nick, you certainly should consider contacting him.. He will be missed up here in the midlands, LOL

I would absolutely recommend James Rawlinson, you won't find a better teacher. He is patient, positive, a very talented player and really enjoys teaching. He will assess your current level, listen to what it is you want go get out of it, then customise lessons to really improve your playing. He also runs a Tuesday Night Rehersal group for people of all levels who want to get together and play some big band charts, great fun and good practice for sight reading and playing with other people. Any other questions feel free to PM me, call if you like etc :)

Sorry for delay in replying to this post, just returned from holiday.
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Thanks very much Andy! Great advice he sounds good!

I would like to play with others I think the sax really comes to life when played alongside others!
That is most certainly what I want, a teacher that tailors lessons around what you want to get out of them.
Rather than one that sort of has a musical snobbery and sticks with there own musicals styles.
Ive certainly got some intresting options to explore! Since getting the sax I have found it very hard to put down!!
and im itching to get more out of it now.
Ill certainly put in an enquiry! I have now heard from a few people several good things about James.

P.s I really appreciate all the support on this forum so far!!
You're got a good start as you've played Piano, if you're looking at getting into improvisation you've a great head start already. As you've just picked up the sax I wouldn't worry too much about the exact style of music you play yet, just get stuck in learning all the basics and expose yourself to different styles of music. By doing this you'll be able to appreciate the difference in playing technique based on the style of music you're playing. James has been playing for around 26 years if memory serves me correct. Good luck, let us know how you get on, perhaps we'll meet in the future.....
Thanks very much!

I think im quite a good improviser on the Piano and have started doing bits on the Sax aswell! I think its really helped in a lot of ways to get over some of the basic diffulties of learning sax, however unlike piano where you push a note and you know its going to come out just the way you want it too, sax is a different story altogether theres a lot of variables!
James definatley sounds like someone worth contacting, so ill drop him an email or a call today and have a chat.

Certainly hope to meet you sometime in the future, it would be great to meet some of the Bournemouth sax circle! :D

All the best,

So it's been a while, but I'm nearly sorted!

Trying to still work in the Midlands while living in Poole is a bit of a juggle, but I'm getting there, and the music room has taken shape. So can I join this Bournemouth/Poole/Dorset saxophone circle now?

Welcome to Poole! Nick!!

Hope your settling in well! Im sure ill be in touch as soon as the hard few months after christmas are over!
If your looking to join a band down this way though I think I maybe able to help you out!
Drop me an email on dallardj************ if you want a bit more info! :thumb:

Cheers! Jack.

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