What, how and why are you transcribing?

Dave E

I'm slowly transcribing various sax solos to "Under Pressure" by Queen and Bowie; the intro to Careless Whisper on George Michaels China tour and I occasional work on Candy Dulfers sax solo with the drummer on Pick Up the Pieces (Part 1 on You tube). These little start / stop projects are taking months- oh well...


Atm I’m doing cannonball adderlys solo on Autumn leaves with miles davis. Last month i was doing a tiny bit of Paul desmonds solo on easy Living. It’s really intresting how you get a feel for how different these players really are, and in some ways also a bit similar.
Hi Seacu, you can make your solo more fluid as you stated, but you did a good job!
And that Trane's solo is really challenging!
Anyway transcibing is the most powerful method to work on many aspects.
You train your ears to identify intervals and chords
you work on jazz language, articulation, different playing styles, and many many other aspects.
I don't want to double post, if you are interested I showed why and how I transcibe a solo here

How do I transcribe a solo?real time practice session video
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Just done maybe tomorrow billy fury. Sounds ok to me but may not be 100% but close enough,

Next is say mama gene Vincent. Love that era and play along to my little hearts content. Started alto four years ago and had to go as far away from dog as possible as he howled, Now mostly play tenor and dog is almost completely deaf so I have an audience of one. Think he quite likes my style!
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