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2013/06 - "My one and only love"

Greg Strange

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I ordered an alto (Yamaha YAS-280) for my 6 and 8-year-old daughters to learn on and it arrived yesterday, so I needed to do a recording to test it, and found this thread. My playing is a bit wonky, but it's a lovely sax to play.

I hope your daughters enjoy the alto sax...that horn costs NZD3,295.00 in New Zealand that equates to approx. 1,650 Pommy pounds...:w00t:

Greg S.

Mark Hancock

Good grief. It's 865 gbp in
I order it from them and it worked out about 1,000 swiss francs for me, including taxes and delivery. To get it in a shop here in Switzerland its 1,232 swiss francs. By that calculation I think I just saved myself 232 francs. Maybe I should get myself an alto mouthpiece with all that money I just saved!
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