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Saxophones Identifying a Conn Shooting Star Alto Saxophone


Formerly JayePDX
Yup I can attest they have just gotten cheaper and cheaper to acquire....the altos, particularly. The 16M's, they have actually held their values very well over the years.

But the 50M's...whether USA or MX....I rarely even bother acquiring one anymore, although I can find project ones for around $100. Their final selling prices after my refurb just doesn't justify my flipping 'em any longer.


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Pre 1955 the Shooting Starr ( Director) was the Pan-American line of Conn. The alto became the 14M, Tenor 16M. They had wire guards until around 1962/63. What year are they quit marking the numbers I do not know. As JayeNM mentioned they became the 50M. Although the same star motif on the bell.
The body tube dimensions and sound can be equated to a 10M or 6M. For a unanimous vote I will also say these are great players and highly underrated. I have 2 16m & 1 14m from ’59 & ‘61.
The stacks and build on these is quite durable. There are some differences in the key work between the artist line and the Director line. Not very common but the directors were available in a silver plate finish.

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