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Contacting Members, messaging etc.

Help!Mailing List


If you are not (yet) a member please use the admin Contact Form. For The general contact form at the bottom of the page is for business, advertising or registration enquiries.

For members to contact moderators/admin

If you want to contact a specific moderator please use the Personal Conversation message system (see below)
For general moderator contact use the Contact Moderators button on the main forum list page. This will start a private thread that can be responded to by all moderators but is not viewable by other members.

For members to contact another member

These used to be called PMs (private messages) but since the new software are called Personal Conversations (PCs), and they do actually function more like a conversation as there is no longer a separate inbox and an outbox, they are displayed as a conversation.

To start a conversation

Click on the inbox link next to your profile link at the right of the main navigation bar and then Start Conversation


Click on a member’s name/avatar and then on Start Conversation

You will see links to use in order to invite other people to participate if you wish

Organising Your Conversations

You can see all your conversations in your profile area. Each conversation has a tick box to the left, when ticked you will see a dropdown menu for various actions, e.g.:

To remove a conversation from your inbox you just leave it via the link at the top. If all participants leave a conversation it becomes deleted forever.

You can mark important ones (star conversation). You can then use the filter link to show all your starred conversations

Conversation inbox limit is 15 but 50 for subscribers. Note that this is the number of conversations limit, not the number of messages within a conversation.

On desktop PCs and macs you can save a conversation as PDF file via your browser menus.

Private or Personal?

Please note that PCs are no less private than the previous PMs, and no less private than PMs on any other similar internet forum. For more info see our privacy policy

Mentioning (tagging) members in a post

To draw a specific member's attention to a post, type the @symbol followed by their username. They will then get an alert that you have mentioned them

NB: if they have enabled emails for mentions in their preferences, they will also get an email notification.

Important: Mention alerts are only sent on initial posting of a message, mentions in subsequent edits will not have an alert.

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