10 Forum Warnings

In the interests of running a friendly forum, occasionally we find that it is necessary to give warnings for certain types of behaviour or infractions of our rules.

This is a semi-automated system whereby a moderator can choose from a stock list of warning types (e.g., trolling, spamming, offensive posts, copyright breach). A warning has a number of points, which can have a life of anything from one day to permanent, but are typically four weeks.

You are very welcome to discuss any warnings with us using the private Contact Mods forum.

Warning Actions

Level One: 1 - 5 points.

No action, just consider this a warning, but note that more warnings could take you over the threshold to Level Two

Level Two: 6 - 8 points.

When you have accrued this number there will be an automatic triggering action and your posts will require moderator approval before being visible.

Level Three: 9 points and above

Automatic ban until unexpired points fall below 9

Note that the warning actions only apply while the number of unexpired points accrued are currently active


Assuming 3 point warnings with 1 week expiry.

  • Member receives a 3 point warning on Monday. They get 3 points (for one week) but no disciplinary action.
  • But if they get another 3 points on Wednesday, they will then have a total 6 points but only until the next Monday when the first warning expires, and they go back down to 3 points for the remaining two days of the 2nd warning. (For those five days there will be automatic action in place, ie posts need moderator approval
  • However while the six points are in place if they get a 3rd warning on the Friday, they will recive an automatic ban until the Monday when their points go below the 9 point ban threshold down to 6. (1st warning expired on Monday) So warnings from Wed and Fri are still active and although ban is lifted they still get posts moderated until the Wednesday points expire.
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