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What are you listening to (plus reviews)


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Well as they have attracted your attention can I interest you in some original posters of the band which were left behind when a recording studio became a residential property.
I'm afraid the 'interesting substances' found behind a loose brick in the staircase have long gone.
If that was a serious question, sure...message me.....


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As a general rule, I don't listen to 'contemporary' music whether classical or jazz (I tend to be of the opinion that the avant garde lost the plot in the mid C20th.... ymmv). I'm not against all things modern or experimental, but struggle to find modern material that appeals.

On Sunday I went to Liverpool Sax Day and one of the workshops was a young sax player / composer called Sam Healey who performs a type of 'electronica' using effects and loop pedals, with a composed track, plus a drummer - his group is Skeltr.

I have a well-known violinist friend who performs using loop pedals etc so I was interested as I have been thinking of doing something with pedals and a DAW on the cello and sax as a retirement project.

There is a lot of craft and technique in being able to perform the way this guy does and his sax playing technique is phenomenal (I think he's about 30?)

I've listened to some of his music since the weekend and whilst it might not be in my 'top 10' it is certainly worth the effort of listening, even if slightly out of my usual orbit...

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