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Old Indian
Half way up a hill
Is this Jong Un's new ultimate weapon?
And . . . Is he contemplating conquering the world with a high frequency South East Asian horn section using dissonant harmony?
Has Stephen Howard been called in to advise and assist him with his fiendish new plan?
Looks like he hasn't read "The Manual" yet as the mpc appears to be upside down.

Watch this space, but don't blink, we are monitoring the situation.
Security units at all airports have been advised to keep a close watch on CCTV monitors for any passengers on flights to East Asia wearing a crusader outfit disguise and a metal watering can shaped helmet.


Finger Flapper
If Kim Jong Un picked up a Saxophone, I would imagine he would immediately Master the instrument and could no doubt wheel off Kenny G's hits even without the benefit of a lesson. Kimmy J (Our Dear Lead Soprano) would perhaps be a fitting Title.. He's got a similarly ridiculous hairdo, so the familiarities are endless..

Stephen Howard

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Well folks...
Remember that large article I said I was working on...?

Here it is. I give you the SHWoodwind F.O. Guide To Octave Key Problems!

Four years in the making, half the page count of the saxophone manual - and it's still not complete, but it's still the most comprehensive guide to octave key troubleshooting yet published.
It's almost worth busting your octave mech just to see if you can fix it.
If nothing else it'll keep the splellcheckers busy for weeks!

The SHWoodwind F.O. Guide To Octave Key Mech Problems

And there's an accompanying Notes article on why I wrote it...

The end

Hope you enjoy it. In the meantime I'm going to crack open a very large bottle of beer!
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