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Just don't drink the entire bottle of wine before trying to perform! hik! or you'll be wearing your wine headset! (similar to beer goggles) :))) :sax:


On a serious note; I wish I knew this trick already when (years ago) I was looking for another sax. Back then I have skipped a wonderful Buescher 400 tenor because it gave me problems hitting the low notes.

The low note response on my current Buescher stencil tenor also improves a lot when dropping something in the bell. As was the case with a Buescher 400 bari that I tried a couple of years ago. In contrast, I never needed this trick when playing any Martin, or the King Zephyr. So it may have to do with the specific bore design between brands.
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:w00t: ye great practise - I did it, got the knot perfect for about 0.5 seconds but I got it and managed to tongue it 5 times in a row without the squeaking or fog horn. Of course it'll probably take me ages to get it again but what the hay - I also thought the knots in general sounded more soulful as well.

cheers for all your advise.

I am currently playing a piece which requires a transition from low B down to A# (it's written that way in the piece) The A# is sfp then 6 beats long. The up to the top of the instrument to A (ie nearly 2 octaves)
I must still be developing my "chops" as middle C and the B below are a doddle, but my little finger and mouth can't manage much of the low A#, let alone holding the thing for 6
Writing in the CASS magazine a few years ago, Prof Michelle Gringras offered this tip for making the transition from low B to low Bb. We need to have the Selmer style left little finger keys for this to work.

Play the low B, and while holding it lean on the Bb key with the side of your left little finger. Two touches with one finger, neat trick.

Ye I've been trying the low b as well as part of scale work, actually found it alot easier to get then the low c, but the finger work involved is a nightmare - might have to buy finger extensions or something.

After picking up the sax again over 5 weeks ago, starting to sound better...ish, sometimes still get the squeaks going from lows to highs during slurs, get out of breath and form a waterfall but I must say I,m really enjoying it. Even had some nice!! comments from neighbours, friends etc.

High street here we come!!!!


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