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Playing low C# to Eb

Hi All

Practising my scales at the moment and finding it difficult to play from low C# to Eb smoothly

Any suggestions or alternative fingerings


The problem should be with your right hand fifth finger?? The C and Eb keys are designed to be able to slide from one to another. It should be a basic skill which you need to go through.

It is easier to go from low C# to Eb than the other way round.
Ah, the old Db to Eb shuffle. Don't you just love that Db major scale. It's just practice I'm afraid and it does get easier in time, however do check out that you have the pinky keys set right so you can roll between the two.

The really hard one for me is low Bb or Db moving to low B or low B to low C.

Other hard stuff is the upper palm keys I find. Again as my teacher says, "you just gotta keep practicing and playing them notes". No magic formula.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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