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Beginner Sax Buying a Sax on a budget.

Andrew Sanders

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Ilkley West Yorkshire
I imported two Walstein saxophones from the UK ten years ago - it took less than a week from the UK to NZ - both instruments still going strong - purchased a Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster on line from a NZ music chain store and took 10 days to get from Tauranga to Hamilton {a distance of about 100 km (60 miles)} also imported a John Parker JP251SWS trumpet from Just Flutes in Croydon - horn still going. great. With the price of saxophones in NZ and the limited range available sometimes the only option is to import from overseas and a lot of the time cheaper even when including shipping costs and government border charges (no customs duty payable on musical instruments imported into NZ, but 15% G.S.T. payable and document handling fees).

Greg S.

Hi Greg trying to contact you about your tele. Don't want to go off topic. (That's a first for me)

In box full, could you pm me or start conversation that is. Thanks Andy.


The few cheap Chinese horns that I've tried have all been quite playable, certainly better than some of the old 'traditional' beginner instruments such as Jupiter (I've only tried one, and it was bordering on unplayable...though I think the modern Intermediate level ones are better).

Having said that, I've heard tales of ones with silly faults, as Stephen above points out, a simple inexpensive setup by a tech will sort those.
Thank you. I have a short list for a tenor on a budget and it includes an import sold by Costco. I think that one should judge by actual performance and not lump (and avoid) all manufacturers from a certain area.

Colin the Bear

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Things may have changed in the four years since this was posted. Firms go bust. Retailers chang their suppliers. Suppliers change manufacturers. Make sure your information is up to date.


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As a buyer that's done alright on Aliexpress and DHgate in the past. I have to report a major slowdown in the process, post Brexit.
A three month wait is not uncommon now. Also as part of the Access to UK market deal they will be charging the 20%VAT at point of sale so No chance of evasion or lucky break anymore + add an additional. 2.5%duty for Queenies castle fund and Things are getting expensive in the UK. Well for the poorfolks anyway.
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