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Trying to wrestle a bit with “love theme” from blade runner. I find it very rythmically challenging as there really isn’t any drums or bass to lean up against.

Dave Dunn

South Australia
Well, my saxophoning is on hold, as of Friday, I have no teeth! They've all been pulled out in preparation for dentures, so I'm a bit sad, and a bit sore.
I did run through an "original" 12 bar blues song a few times, so I have tracks to sort through. I'm still in the beginner stage though, so it's little more than single notes. I'll post what I have here when I've got a decent mix.

Being that I may not have dentures until after Christmas, my next project is making my own! I've ordered silicone mouthguards, and I'm hoping that between them and some of the denture cushion stuff that some saxophonists mould over their bottom teeth, I'll be able to make some sort of dentures good enough to allow me to play saxophone! Yes, I am a crazy man, but maybe it'll work. I'm not really sure how I'd go playing the sax with only gums, has anyone here tried it? Let me know if you have!
I recorded vocals for another 4 originals before getting my teeth out, so I have something to work with, I'll be able to play guitar and bass tooth free!
I think I'll post some songs here, and ask for sax part submissions from some of the beginners on the forum if they're interested. My focus shifted, and I didn't get as far with the saxophone as I'd liked, so perhaps others in the beginning stages would welcome the opportunity to feature in an original song.
Anyway, those that like a good laugh should stay tuned, I'm almost ready to post my version of "When the Saints" on the forum!

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