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Sax Player Needed

Veggie Dave

Hutton, Essex
So you progressed on the theatre front? You had an abandoned location in mind like the Gare jazz.
Theatres are the type of venue we're aiming the band at. We've just started getting theatre bookings for a tribute band so we're now making contacts and friends on this circuit.

(Though I know I’m not good enough to try out for the slot)
Although I want everyone to be able to take a solo or ten, it's not a prerequisite so I'm not looking for the next Coltrane or Maceo.

or trombone (am I allowed to say this kind of thing here?)
I spoke to a lady who runs a similar type of band with a horn section and she told me that finding and keeping a trombone player is a lot easier than finding and keeping a trumpet player. In a perfect world we'd have two saxes, trumpet and trombone.

Wrong side of the estuary for me.

The last thing I need is for the rest of the band to know how crap I really am. ;)

Good luck!


Breda, Netherlands
This sounds like fun, Dave! I'm too far away (and too old and not good enough;)) unfortunately. Just a thought: maybe local music school/college students might be interested in getting more live stage experience and earning a couple of bob (or free drinks) while doing it?

In one of my Big Bands the MD is a 2nd year music student (and trumpet player). His predecessor too. They've both sometimes 'played along' and the difference in quality with the best 'amateurs' is just amazing. They've both asked other students (sax, trombone, piano, MD) to 'fill in gaps' at our concerts and I'm in awe of how these students can just turn up, play the dots and give the most dazzling solos!

Again, just a thought,


I'm putting together and Rhythm & Blues Revue band and need a sax player. The band itself is almost complete, but I need another sax player for the horn section. Well, I need a trumpet and singer, too, to fully complete the band (drums, bass, two guitars, keyboards, sax with three backing singers at the moment) so if anyone knows of anyone that would be handy.

It doesn't matter if you play alto or tenor. If you play both, even better.

If you're within sensible travelling distance of Brentwood and like the idea then let me know.