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I've been playing two years now, on a variety of alto saxophones and mouthpieces and just received the Onyxite PPT Alto MP in 6** (or 7M) tip opening for my birthday today.

Typically, I started two years ago with the MP which came with my Jupiter 565-567, then a Yamaha 4C which was OK, then tried a Selmer C* which I didn't get on with, nor a Runyon 22 6, and latterly a Bari Esprit II which is very good for a beginner, keeping the notes in tune with its fairly narrow tip opening.
I also tried three D'Addario MPs in 5, 6, & 7 openings recently but none of them suited me.
The Bari was replaced a few months ago with a Yamaha 6CM with 1.9mm tip opening as this gave me a jazzier sound with my favourite Rico Jazz Select 2S filed reed. This combo sounded great on my newly acquired Yamaha YAS-62 MkI "Purple Logo" (which came with the 6CM) but not quite so good on my Buffet SDA which I'd played for around a year prior (I've been through a good few horns on my short sax journey!).

So today I put an RJS reed on the new PPT (her name is Poppet!) and tried this combo on the 62. A little worried by its wider 2.1mm tip, I took my first breath and played... WOW!!!!! Suddenly I'm a professional!!!!!!??
I switched back to the 6CM to check... had I really been happy with its sound? Yes, I guess... but now IT HAS TO GO IN THE BIN!!!

"Blown" away by my new sound, admittedly with a few "getting used to it" squeaks here and there, I thought I'd give it a go on the Buffet, having tried and tried with other mouthpiece/reed combinations to get a jazzy sound out of what is sometimes described as a more classical instrument.

Oh WOW even more!!! This MP has transformed my SDA into a 62 Purple Logo! In fact, it is absolutely perfectly controllable on this horn without a squeak or bum note. This IS the holy grail MP for my SDA!!

And LOUD! On both horns I could blow as hard as I can and the sound kept coming.

I tried some other reeds, around a dozen different ones, but the RJS 2S filed is the best so far for me. I think the squeaks on the Yamaha horn are down to the wider tip and should come good with a few more hours. Talking about hours... my mouth aches! I've been playing for three hours and didn't want to put this MP down! Don't panic though, it's an easy blow. I just spent too long testing it!

At £185 it's over ten times what I paid for the Bari but for me it represents excellent value, just for the fun I've had today, let alone the rest of my playing life!

Get one!!!!

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Thanks. I've got a Vintage 85 and have been wondering about the PPT.
Might be worth posting on the London thread to see if anyone attending has one you can try. If Pete has one at the time I will try and bring one.



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I have both Ponzol 110 M2 and metal PPT 8*

Playing the Ponzol I have learned the meaning of ATTACK
...and it's loud enough knock down partition walls

The PPT has more subtley


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Has anyone tried a PPT with a vintage instrument. I'm tempted to try one of these but my York alto (Conn New Wonder) can be a bit pernickity about mouthpieces.

We tried Gladsaxisme's PPT on my Kohlert alto. Apart from the neck cork on my alto being small as the Morgan I use normally has a narrow shank, it worked well, sounded good. Didn't check tuning.
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