Mouthpieces PPT Alto mouthpiece 5* or 6**?


Aarhus, Denmark
I'm about to order the PPT alto moutpiece but I'm really in two minds whether to go for the 5* or the 6**.
Right now I'm playing a D'addario Select Jazz D5M which has a .73" opening.
The 6** seems like quite a jump with its .826 opening but I'm leaning towards the 6** for more power and projection
UKDavid stated in an ealier thread that the gap was'nt that big coming from a Yamaha 6CM.
I know that feeling comfortable on of a mouthpiece is not only a matter of tip opening but also the facing, so I would be glad to get some advice from happy PPT players

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I love my 5* but really can't comment on what will be best for you, sorry. I tried a bigger size and found I squeaked more. I do believe though that with time that I would have overcome that. Problem is I mainly play sop :)

@Pete Thomas might be able to advise better

Still loving my 6**. Just switched to RJS 3M and finding no problems, for a relative beginner. No squeaks.
Doesn't suit my old 20's Conn, but fine on SA80II and Beaugnier Special Perfect/Duke (played 1st time today). Has also been good on '73 SDA, YAS62 Purple, Yany A901, Keilwerth EX90 I.

Pete advised the 6** and I was a little nervous but it's great.
It's a bit like asking what size shoes to buy. You need to buy what fits and feels comfortable. Your chops are unique to you.
If you're just playing alto, go with the bigger tip and be prepared to use a slightly softer reed. If you're playing other saxes with narrow mouthpieces, maybe go with the narrower tip. As said already, the Rico/D'Addario Jazz Select work well with these mouthpieces.
I just went from an 8* with 31/2 reeds to a PPT 11 with3 reeds.

I trried it out of curiosity and was amazed at the difference in sound the larger tip opening made. Its gonna take a month or so to get my lips up to the point of comfortably doing a 2 hour stint but the sound is way worth it,

My $0.02

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