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Beginner How to initiate a note?


Justin Chune

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I think that you should follow your teachers advice with regard to a Yamaha 4c mouthpiece. Air pressure, and not a lot of it, is what produces and sustains the sound of a saxophone. The air pressure, just enough to produce a nice sounding note, needs to be there before you tongue the note. This will come as second nature in time.



hi rotate and welcome on board, when i first got my sax it came with a mouth piece not knowing how to play or even how to blow a note i bought a reed (rico 2 )and tired to make a note nothing started looking around found this web site asked some questions and had the advice it was the mouth piece i bought a 4c on ebay (best price i could find) i then was able to play thee middle range and low ,i still struggle to play high notes but getting better after playing 3 months.
how long have you been playing
what reed are you using

Thanks pip, but not too good for my morale :), I'm getting worse not better. Been playing roughly same time as you, reed one and a half.

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