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Following some recent posts regarding Legere as they are synthetic they are now left on the mouthpiece, cold water run through given a shake and guarded by a cap until the next time. Any downsides? No so far, they don’t seem to stick like cane if left in place and there is no need to fiddle and faff about to find the best placement at each session.
I rotate 4 Legere Signature bari reeds and they all have splits. One started to buzz although others can't hear it it's very noticeable to me. This one has a long split dead centre but does not reach the tip. They are stored flat in Fibracell cases and at £33 a pop handled very carefully. I have contacted Legere and sent a photo and await their comments. I was very happy with Fibracell, which gave me no problems, ever, but they did not provide a good sound when I switched mpc to a Jody Jazz NY #8 from an Otto Link STM. Perhaps if it is a storage issue, (which I doubt), perhaps they should provide a suitable case considering the price?


Perhaps if it is a storage issue, (which I doubt), perhaps they should provide a suitable case considering the price?
Good idea

I use plastic reed covers from cane brands, but only for transport, otherwise the Légères are out flat on a shelf

I've only had one split out of fifteen or more and I can't be certain it wasn't stored incorrectly. Since then I've been extra vigilant and no splits
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Following my email exchange with Chris Kortschot Marketing Director, Légère Reeds I thought I would share this snippet after I decided to store the Signatures on the mouthpiece in future. Quote:

“Hi Alun,

It's true that our reeds are best stored on a glassy surface so if your cases are textured then you definitely made the best choice.

We'll make sure to get these out as soon as possible. Thanks so much for the updated post on CafeSaxophone!


Chris “
Well in that case, it's too bad that they discontinued their reed cases. I have one I got from my tech. It is great, but holds only about 4 tenor reeds. @Légère Reeds will you consider reintroducing your reed boxes again?
I have had at least 16 of theses reeds crack over time. I started numbering and logging reed usage after 7 or so failures. The attached image shows the last 9 failed reeds. Note that in addition yo tip fractures, there are internal cracks as wI shared these images and my thoughts on possible causes of their problem (I'm a mechanical engineer) with Legere technical support and received only moderate lip service. To their benefit, they sent m View attachment 11102 e 3 free reeds as most of my failed reeds were over 1 month old. I'm back on cane reeds. The Legere reeds are great but $500 in 3 years is way too expensive. If they can convince me they have solved their reed fatigue problem, I will return as a customer.
Looks like some panel modes to me. Interestingly I've got a Fibracell tenor 2.5 which has several lengthwise splits accompanied by apparent delaminations on the plastic backing directly under the splits. Still plays quite well tho'....
I used Fibracell reeds for years, but about 10 or so years gave up on them, when they seemed to go to s@*!. It was around the time they introduced the Premium versions. Gone were the great, cane-like reeds, I used to play. Instead I got crap that sounded like a kazoo or a duck in under 3 hours. No longer did I need to worry about delamination, since the sound was long gone before the coating starting peeling off.

Another pro player in Vancouver introduced me to the Signature Series from Legere. I had tried the previous models of Legeres before, but wasn't a fan, but the Signature Series was different. I have been using them for almost all my horns (S,A,T,B,Bb & bass clarinet) for going on 10 years now.

However, I have noticed that over the past year or so the consistency is not the same as it once was on these rather expensive reeds. Like many of you, I use 4 or so in rotation. When I open a new pack, I'm used to one playing just like the other. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

I am thinking of reaching out to the company and asking what's going on. A couple of years ago when I had issues with their new baritone reeds, I found them very responsive. I hope they still are.

I haven't had a problem with splitting like many of you here have, but here's my thinking: If I have to spend $30 on a reed, and it's just as inconsistent as cane is, then it's cheaper for me to buy a box of cane reeds....

I'm wondering if the company's products have become too popular, and they can't keep up the QA like they used to. Just a guess on my part, but there has to be some explanation for the reeds' poor performance of late.


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At 30 plus a pop, I’ve decided to buy 2 fiberreed onyx reeds and guess what? They sound like crap! Icontacted Thomann but, refused to exchange them so, I won’t be buying légère or fiberreed!........still waiting for a decent synthetic reed at a reasonable price! In the meantime, I will be using select jazz 3m!


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I have started to play Legere Signatures about a year ago, although still use some cane reeds as well, years ago like Helen used Fibracells on alto and sop and got on well with them for several years but got fed up with them not lasting as long, they would go soft and kazoo sounding with vey little notice.
I'm happy with the Legeres use 4 in rotation and have had no problem with the tip splitting but have had a split at the other end that seems to be in the middle of the reed that you can't feel with your nail on ether side but it hasn't altered the sound of the reed.
My only gripe with the signatures is the price, im sure Legere will justify it but why should they be a third more expensive than their other reeds.
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