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Does anybody know which of the Vandoren (Traditional, Java, Java Filed, V16 or ZZ) reeds most closely matches the profile of a Légère Signature reed?

I own a PPT 9* tenor mouthpiece, and have just started using a Légère Signature 2.25 reed. This reed seems to match the mouthpiece more accurately than any of the cane reeds I have used, and I am intrigued to know what the theoretical cane equivalent is.

Many thanks

I've been using a Legere 2.25 on alto (Martin Handcraft and Yamaha 62) every day for the last eight months, and love it's consistency.
For alto I'd liken it to the Rico Jazz 3H french filed.

It's all very odd though, isn't it.
I recently bought a Conn 6M and with the same mouthpiece and ligature it just doesn't sing.
The Conn just won't work with anything but a cane reed.
So, back to tricking up bits of wood.
Ho hum
David, FWIW I use Java Red # 2.5. Also this past weekend, I tried La Voz MS. I like the La Voz but they do play slightly different compared to the legere signature and vandoren reds. Its a wee bit darker so I'll have to spend more time with them. Report if you get an opportunity to try the reds and let us know what you think. I am curious as to others experience between legere and reds.

Hi Sam

I thought I'd replied ages ago, but it seems I hadn't hit the "post" button.

Thanks for this info. I've tried Java Reds, and agree that they are similar in sound and feel. The Vandoren Java Red strength 2 seems to match the Légère Signature 2.25 in strength. The Vandoren 2.5 Java Red was much harder, and more difficult to play on my PPT 9*.

After two weeks of playing tenor on synthetics, I love the fact that if I'm not playing well one day I know that the problem isn't the reed. It's looking like I'll be using Légère Signatures for the foreseeable future. Thanks to Pete Thomas for bringing them to my attention.

Now I'm thinking that if my Alto mouthpiece performs well with a Java Red, it should give a similar performance with a Légère Signature.

Thanks for your replies everyone.


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