Saxophones Case refurbishment

I did this case renovation a while back. A few pictures posted here and there but nothing of the complete build.
Sometimes there are no options for a aftermarket replacement case. So this is what happens when you try to restore what you have. It’s very time consuming but in this case (pun intended )worth it.

This is a case to a 1933-ish H. Bettoney metal clarinet. Initial inspection it looked like it just needed a few spots of glue.


I’ve never done a complete overhaul of a case before. Previously I’ve had some success relining the interior of a flute case.




I’ve had extensive formal training in cabinet furniture/Millworks. Originally the trade I planned my future for. Things change. This project is well within my comfort zone. I actually started to giggle because this was just stupid. I’m only doing this because I can and need the case. I already know this is going to be 50 hours of work.
Missing foot ? No big deal to make one. I have three other samples to choose from. If you do this just make sure they’re symmetrical.

I lightly brushed the surface with some WD-40 as a mold release. Using hotmelt glue I covered the piece for my casting.

Let cool well.

Casting the part using JB Weld. Mix 1:1 and pour into leveled casting. Don’t forget a gentle brushing of WD-40 inside the casting.


Let cure 24 hours.

Sand/file and shape to fit.
I marked out the area where the foot belongs. Hope I’m correct. I coded the surface area and the bottom of the part. Don’t flinch sticking it on. You’ve got one shot !

A quick masking job and time to give it a squirt of paint. Plastic specific textured paints are available. Not adding another $15 to the repair. I bought a box of these paints from an estate sale. Two dollars for a dozen.
The next owner can do the upgrade if they wish. It’s clean and solid and that’s all that matters to me….Good-N-nuff !



Brilliant job. I hate waste. It must be so satisfying to get this kind of result :)

Thank you!
I’ve never been one to be wasteful. Many things get tossed in the bin due to economics. I could have easily gone out and spent $100 or more on a new/used case. I used maybe $25 /£20 on materials at the most and maybe 3 to 3 1/2 hours of my time. I try to encourage and inform those willing to do DIY repairs. Trying to make money on this as a technician is a complete loser. Largely the reason they go in the bin.
Excellent job m8, tell me does the interior smell of the added product
for a while? Or does air drying sort that out.
Excellent job m8, tell me does the interior smell of the added product
for a while? Or does air drying sort that out.
The shampoo has a short lived fragrance. The glue has none. Body filler smells like fiberglass resins. All but gone in a week. About the same for the new paint smell. Leaving a case in fresh air open matters.
That finished color was really bugging me. I was at the hardware store picking up some supplies for the house. They had the plastic paint in a better color. No texture paint available. They don’t carry it. $7 upgrade.
Lightly sanded to help it stick. Masked off and gave it a quick squirt.

Compared to the old color!

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