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  1. ngtamphuong

    M/Pieces - Ligs Landreth Zephyr tenor mouthpiece

    Hi everyone, Have you heard of or played on a Landreth mouthpiece? I found this one on eBay, saying it’s inspired of Otto Link Double Ring. The cost was not much so I decided to give it a try. The tip opening is 6 (0.09), made of stainless steel (!).
  2. fabriziodalisera

    M/Pieces - Ligs The mouthpiece zone: reviews - aizen, wanne, drake, otto link and more

    Hi, in this page I have put together some mouthpiece video reviews that I have done over the years. I have just completely rebuilt my website, I hope you enjoy it! MOUTHPIECE ZONE
  3. aldevis

    For Sale Otto Link STM "No Usa" Tenor 11: the Spinal Tap mouthpiece

    Super rare Otto Link "No Usa" 11 STM for tenor This piece takes you to eleven Original, good conditions, easier to play than expected Reluctant sale Otto Link 11
  4. Untitled 3.jpg

    Untitled 3.jpg

    Tenor No USA Otto Link 11 mouthpiece
  5. Untitled 2.jpg

    Untitled 2.jpg

    Tenor No USA Otto Link 11 mouthpiece
  6. T

    SOLD Vintage Tenor, alto, and soprano, and baritone mouthpieces for sale (otto Link, Brilhart, Vandoren, Selmer)

    Doing a sale of a lot of great vintage pieces! 5% of the sales goes to the forum! Shipping is £3.50 within the UK and £15 within Europe. Shipped from London. Here's what I have: Tenor 1. Otto Link Early Babbitt STM 9: Great MPC with lots of power. wonderful condition with only minor lacquer...
  7. fabriziodalisera

    Trisonic live in studio #2 "Down by the rhythm side" HDvideo

    Hi, this is a new video live in studio of my new project "Trisonic". (the album will be released in the next autumn). The group is a trio with me on baritone saxophone, Pietro Ciancaglini on double bass and Andrea Nunzi on drums. I wrote this song with a new orleans kind of groove in mind, so I...
  8. M

    FOUND Otto Link Tonemaster Alto

    Hi Everyone! First off, happy new years to everyone! I'm looking around to see if anyone has an Otto Link STM in sizes 6-7 for the alto. I've got a few mouthpieces that I would be willing to trade off with either as a complete swap, or as a partial swap with cash too. So...
  9. emilios1995

    M/Pieces - Ligs Should I buy this used mouthpiece?

    Hi! Someone is offering me an Otto Link Tone Master mouthpiece for tenor sax. It seems to be one of the early models. The problem is that it is not in the best condition. You can see some photos here The price would be around $120 USD. Is it a good deal? Will I be able to use it as my primary...
  10. tisho

    M/Pieces - Ligs Amazon strikes again

    A nice bargain deal for an Otto Link 8 Alto mouthpiece. So sad it wasn't a smaller size, this one is a bit too large for me :( Someone might have a happy day today. Otto Link OLEA 8 Size 8 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone: Musical Instruments
  11. sax panther

    Brand Spanking New Otto Link Vintage Model Super Tone Master Tenor Mouthpiece - 8*

    For sale is a brand new, still in cellophane, not even play tested, Otto Link Vintage Model Super Tone Master Metal Mouthpiece - 8*. It's in the original box, and also has a very fetching maroon velvety mouthpiece drawstring pouch. It's brand new and unopened, so I can't tell you how it...
  12. T

    M/Pieces - Ligs Otto Link Projection

    I'm playing on a Vandoren V16 Metal T7 (I think it's a link copy) on tenor currently. When I'm playing the mouthpiece with a band, I feel like I'm playing too quiet and overblow. I didn't feel this on my old hard rubber mouthpiece. But when I record myself and compare the two mouthpiece, the...
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