SOLD Vintage Tenor, alto, and soprano, and baritone mouthpieces for sale (otto Link, Brilhart, Vandoren, Selmer)

Price of Item
Doing a sale of a lot of great vintage pieces! 5% of the sales goes to the forum! Shipping is £3.50 within the UK and £15 within Europe. Shipped from London.

Here's what I have:


1. Otto Link Early Babbitt STM 9: Great MPC with lots of power. wonderful condition with only minor lacquer loss at the back of the rails where the curve starts (reed vibration). £410
2. Otto Link Early Babbit Hard Rubber 6 (original): Great EB piece with loads of character. Very good projection all ovewr the horn. A real players mouthpiece! Fantastic condition and all original. £475
3. Otto Link Early 80s/Late EB 6*. All original and a fantastic mouthpiece. Quite a lot of baffle on this piece which really makes it go. Very easy to play, and again, a players mouthpiece. very very good condition! £350
4. Otto Link Early Babbitt Hard Rubber 5. Very similar to the 6 I have for sale. Very very good all original condition. Plays with good projection! £400
5. Vintage Vandoren T75 Blue Java: Great piece with lots of power. Almost mint condition! £220
6. Vintage Vandoren T55 Blue Java. Good piece, although has a small dimple on the floor of the piece which is reflected in the price. Otherwise in very good condition. Plays well, and has a nice baffle. £125
7. Otto Link Florida USA STM 5*: This is an almost mint mouthpiece. Plays superbly. Comes in original Box. £540
8. Otto Link Florida USA STM 7*: This is the big daddy... Absolute Mint condition and a ridiculous player. Very difficult to put a price on a mouthpiece like this. I cant afford to keep a mouthpiece like this in such condition, and playing it feels like a sin... haha. stamped .S.A (missing the 'U'). £1200 OBO
9. Brilhart Tonalin Personaline L5: This is a bit beaten up... Could do with a reface and a band put on the shank (Ed Pillinger would be my go to). comes in original box. £75
10. Brilhart Tonalin 4. Nice mouthpiece. Not 100% sure if it is original but it plays well. Small Hairline crack in the shank. £105 OBO
11. Otto Link Late Florida/Early Babbitt Hard Rubber 7. All original, superb player! It is the late slant sig blank that was finished in the first babbitt factory. Long and low baffle. Steep beak drop. £650
12. Selmer Soloist Short Shank C*. great condition with a tiny bit of discolouration. £150


1. Vintage Vandoren Blue Java T75. Super powerful mouthpiece in mint condition! £250
2. Selmer Soloist Long Shank C**. Great, all original. £190


1. Vintage Selmer Soloist Metal E. Comes with original Lig and Cap. All original. £350


1. Selmer soloist c** (stamped on table). Pretty much mint condition. The best jazz-classical mouthpieces out there in my opinion... £240

Will accept collection from SW London.

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask!
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