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All transactions must be made between the two parties. Cafesaxophone can not be held responsible for any problems with the transactions. Payments for listing your ad: Note that we now ask for a specific minimum, so it's more like a listing fee that you only pay if your sale is successful, we no longer class the payments as donations (of course you are welcome to donate more than the 5%) Yardsale (Classifieds) Rules All the money that is paid or donated is still going to the same fund, for info and donations see Donations (ie listing fees) for successful sales should be made using the Yardsale buttons at the bottom of the page.
New mouthpieces are immaculate, bought approximately 5 - 10 years ago. Any that are used have had protector patch applied, been looked after and re-boxed where available. Any photos required please let me know and I will send. Approximate pricing is given (lowest found) after each mouthpiece as either a new or second hand price gathered from the internet. This is the first lot to be posted. Donations will be made to the forum as well as Ukraine/Macmillan................ Yanagisawa tenor metal mouthpiece - 6 tip opening, brand new, in transparent box........................£220 new ................... £140 Selmer Vocal tone (vintage) Ben Davis design alto ............... not sure what size tip opening, happy to measure ...
Not often you see one of this in this condition. Some people would probably call this close to mint, but you can see a few minor little things. I had the pads replaced, not because they were old (they were almost new looking) but because Stephen Howard persuaded me to (he will deny that) as the originals are a bit on the soft side. And he was right, it plays and feels better than any other Grafton I have tried Some of the original pads are still there in the case compartment. It has the original white Dearman mouthpiece (which has a crack) and the ligature and mouthpiece cap with the beautiful copper coloured lacquer to match the horn. Original brown case in very good condition. I have had several Graftons and love them. I...
Wanted curved soprano neck , for yanagisawa Thought I’d give it a try before having to go to and buy a bronze one
Only tried once with patch. Selling as im moving on my alto as I prefer tenor and gas has hit hard..
This was a special order which Ed made from an M.C. Gregory mould. It’s a great playing mouthpiece with a surprisingly versatile tonal palette (it can really roar). Hear it here: View: £200, inc p+p in UK.
Fully rebuilt by Paul Carrington. A beautiful looking combination of frosted and shiny silver plate. Looks like the original end cap, non original case.
As the title says, I'm looking to buy one these if anyone has one they are willing to sell.
As per subject, a fine example of Tenor Otto Link New Vintage 6* that had some additional love. Multiple reasons for sale: Having accidentally shut my case a bit too forcefully the sax had to go to sax a&e, having made full recovery I tried a few other mouthpieces the tech had on sale and fell in love with a CE. I have just gotten into university to study physiotherapy and came to realization that I need to raise funds, partly for food, partly for replacement of fairly ancient IT equipment. Little brothers 18th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks time. The piece plays great, albeit a bit dark, in all fairness if not the opportunity to try other pieces I would not think to look any further. Feels a little bit more open then...
In its original case with a Yanagisawa Ebonite mouthpiece [Tip Opening - 7] and it's original metal Ligatature. Condition: Excellent ...
Superb condition, original lacquer, fettled to within an inch of its life by the Haynes Maestro himself, Stephen Howard. Golden era of jazz and rock 1954/55 Toneholes and Neck tenon/ receiver lovingly resoldered by maestrotech Stephen Howard Complete with saxophone case and some surprise goodies thrown in. Many more pics to follow and any close ups on request. Buy it before I burst into tears and change my mind.
For sale an Otto Link “Reso Chamber” #7** tenor saxophone mouthpiece. The 0,107”/#7** of course is not original but it’s the result of refacing made by Filippo Bucci, a famous italian Master Refacer based in Rome. Filippo Bucci is the Max Ionata’s mouthpiece man, as well as many famous italian saxophone player. The mouthpiece is signed “fil .107”. The Reso Chamber was the second hard rubber mouthpiece made by Otto Link and Frank Meyer, in New York. The word “Eburnated” means hard rubber/ebonite, like on the previous model, the “Slant Signature New York”. This model has been produced (more or less) between 1940 and maybe 1950 (?), as a cheaper alternative of the metal brother, the “Tone Master”. The design was typical...
In rare limited edition finish. Pretty much immaculate. Fantastic quality mpc that can play a variety of styles with ease. The altissimo is effortless but the bottom end is really juicy. If I was staying with cane reeds then this would be my mouthpiece for life. However, although my new Venn reed likes this piece it prefers my hard rubber mouthpiece better! Comes from a smoke and pet free home
I bought this lovely instrument from about a year ago during lockdown madness. Not getting much opportunity to play - only played a little at home only. Looks as new. Save £1,000! Will post some more pics in due course. Lives in a smoke and pet free home.
Zoom effects pedal for bass guitar. Needs cleaning.
Elkhart alto, inc stand and original hard case
Elkhart curvy soprano good condition inc stand and original hard case.
clarinet. B&H needs adjusting. £15 speakers 12" and HF horn. £60 the pair. Gallien Kruger bass combo mb150e 100 watt. £350 Studio master diamond 8-2 £100 Hohner B2A V bass guitar £350 inc. stand, strap and lead. Cannot deliver or ship. Collect from sk14 Hyde. Want to see / try ? PM me to arrange.
Looking for a modern baritone with low A: possibly Taiwanese / Japanese. A Yani stencil (VSP, Vito, etc.) or older B6 would be ideal. Must be able to view/try anywhere within a 2 hour drive radius from Epsom Surrey (somehow all the baris for sale seem to be from the Midlands or further north!). Let me know what’s out there! You can PM me any details so the thread doesn’t go off topic (ha!). Thank you!
I'm looking for a Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece. I really can't afford a new one at present.
I am selling my 1946 (Non RTH) Tenor sax. Ser No 326xxx...It is in totally original condition. It has the original engraving, patina and the pads are fine..It blows easily from bottom Bflat to Altissimo. It has the original Conn neck with no pull down.. (see pics)..It has the original brass octave cover etc..It comes in a hard case as shown. (will post more pics..) I would really like any interested party to come and play this horn before you commit to buying. Any trial will be welcome..Just contact me if you need any more infor or Pics..Free Uk (ONLY) postage..Regards
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