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Saxophones & other stuff for sale


Items from Yardsale that are now sold. NB: This is a READ ONLY archive.

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Superb condition, original lacquer, fettled to within an inch of its life by the Haynes Maestro himself, Stephen Howard. Golden era of jazz and rock 1954/55 Toneholes and Neck tenon/ receiver lovingly resoldered by maestrotech Stephen Howard Complete with saxophone case and some surprise goodies thrown in. Many more pics to follow and any close ups on request. Buy it before I burst into tears and change my mind.
  • Price: £1550
Lawton plain number 6, nice condition, Silverstein cap, can't play as much as I used to and no longer in a band so find my old STM easier to play, some very fine tooth marks on the bite plate I've always used a patch. This deserves to be played not sat in a drawer. If I can sell it here and contribute to the forum I would prefer that to the obvious option. More pictures available to interested parties.
  • Price: £225
clarinet. B&H needs adjusting. £15 speakers 12" and HF horn. £60 the pair. Gallien Kruger bass combo mb150e 100 watt. £350 Studio master diamond 8-2 £100 Hohner B2A V bass guitar £350 inc. stand, strap and lead. Cannot deliver or ship. Collect from sk14 Hyde. Want to see / try ? PM me to arrange.
  • Price: £15 - £350
Q. When did you last see an intact, absolutely perfect, purple logo transfer? A. Today. Feast your eyes... Full photos of the sax here (click on the link): YTS-22 And it has the Purple Logo neck too... Originally purchased in Japan by an Englishman, he returned with it to the UK but preferred his alto sax and so this one sat at his home for years. The pads are all good... ...and it plays top to bottom for me without any issue whatsoever, and I'm not that at home on tenor either. If it needed any work I'd have had it done prior to sale but it's absolutely fine. Not a single dent or ding in sight. Some wear to the bow protector, and some light speckling here and there as shown in the photos (see link above) but on the...
  • Price: £800
I am selling my last two Selmer mouthpices as a job lot. 1. A Selmer Soloist Baritone mouthpiece "D" complete. (see Pic) Nice unmolested condition..2. A Selmer "D" Tenor mouthpiece Long scrolled Shank complete.(see pic) .£370 the two..Free postage in the UK... Uk only please..Regards
  • Price: £370
Runyan Quantum metal mouthpiece 8 never used - new £50 Otto Link super tone master 118 Boxed never used - new £100 Berg Larsen alto metal 85/2 inc Berg lig used a handful of times like new £100 Rousseau alto classic mpc still in box and plastic bag, brand new £100 Berg Larson 85/0 tenor - used in good condition........ £80
  • Price: £80 - 100
For sale my Yamaha 62 tenor from 1994 . Immaculate condition as new 1 owner not a mark on it , serviced By Stephen Howard last year . This is in as new condition . Hardly played not a mark on it engraving beautiful , stamped logo on bell so come just after purple logo model. I have on eBay for 2000 pounds buy it now sale here 1900 and we’ll worth it. Regards Pau.
  • Price: £1900
Fully rebuilt by Paul Carrington. A beautiful looking combination of frosted and shiny silver plate. Looks like the original end cap, non original case.
  • Price: £800
Brand spanking new Play tested only very briefly just to check it is playing well. It is! Appears to be lilac coloured. Or is it puce? SYOS ligature (black) included Returns accepted if unplayed.
  • Price: £85
As the title says, I'm looking to buy one these if anyone has one they are willing to sell.
  • Price: £40
Florida Otto Link for baritone sax beautifully refaced by Ed Pillinger to a 7* (originally a 5) Too dark for my Conn and for my limited bari skills Tomatoes not included
  • Price: £350
If anyone ever spots a Black tick logo soprano up for grabs (or indeed has one which is) can you let me know. I’ve suddenly had a bit of a Pokemon-esque desire to get hold of one of each design. Got to catch ‘em all! £15 to Pete’s charity on a firm capture!
  • Price: £200
1/ Tenor SuperToneMaster 6* tip, always used with a patch in great condition £100 - SOLD 2/ Alto SuperToneMaster 7 tip always used with a patch in great condition £80 - SOLD 3/ Eugene Rousseau Alto JDX6 in great condition always used with a patch £40 - SOLD 4/ Beechler Diamond Inlay M8S in great condition £60 Reduced to £50. Hopefully media pics here.... DeadGalleryLink Removed
  • Price: £40-£100
BG Jazz Metal (one screw) ligature in vintage finish. Used very little on my Guardala... includes original cap, but no box.
  • Price: £45
Fundraising for life. Old sax came with neotech, I then upgraded to Rico... I have recently been gifted a cebulla for my birthday and both are now surplus to requirements. Soft straps I've used for the alto: Neotech - £10 Rico - £15 SOLD +£2.50 postage
  • Price: £10-15
Protec case + the optional backpack straps. Bought as I had issues with my hiscox strap catching putting pressure on a nerve (while carrying another bag and pulling my suitcase while flying regularly). Once my flying spree finished my sax lives on the stand, spends 3% in the hiscox and 0.0000001% of time in the protec. I now ended up with 3 cases and while being better made and protective then the one that came with my new sax it does not fit A4 folders... With that in mind I'm happy to let it go to pay for food/new tires for my car (...or a new mouthpiece). Paid £179 for both of these. Yours for £115 posted. I believe the asking price reflects the value of the case. Should you believe otherwise please get in touch :)
  • Price: £115
Not often you see one of this in this condition. Many people would probably call this "almost mint", but you can see a few minor little things and as I'm scrupulously aware that the word mint means brand new, still in its wrapping, that many people throw that term around when they shouldn't. But this is in very good nick, and that makes it rare. The slightest ding in a brass horn can be invisibly repaired. The slightest ding in a Grafton alto means a big nasty crack. That's what makes this Grafton so rare - it has no actual damage beyond some teeny lacquer spots on some keys. I had the pads replaced, not because they were old (they were almost new looking) but because Stephen Howard persuaded me to (he will deny that) as the...
  • Price: £2900
Advertised on behalf of my teacher - 1982 Selmer Super Action 80 Series I Alto Saxophone. Raw brass un-lacquered, un-engraved body with gold lacquered keywork. No dents or obvious repairs. Fitted with black Roo pads and metal resonators. Has been given a recent check over and adjustment by Paul Carrington. Comes complete with original Selmer case which is in good order. Collection only from Waddington (East Midlands) -near Lincoln UK. He's looking for £2500 Happy to put you in touch for any questions or genuine enquiries.
  • Price: £2500
Hi there, I am looking for a used Pillinger Side Signature Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece to purchase. I am ok for sizes from 6* to 7* or even 8. I appreciate if you let me know if you have one sitting unused and we can negotiate the price. I haven't used Cafe Saxophone for a while so hopefully I picked the right forum for posting this. If this post needs to move to another forum category please let me know. Thank you, Arya44
  • Price: $225
These mouthpieces were kindly donated to the café by @David Roach all proceeds will go to Pete's charity. Vandoren Optimum SL4 £50 SOLD Vandoren Optimum SL5 £50 SOLD Vandoren SP3 £50 They have been well looked after and come with a mouthpiece pouch. They have patches which I haven't removed but if you want I'm happy to check for marks underneath. I will provide further pictures if you are interested in a specific one. Any questions please do ask.
  • Price: £50
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