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I agree Brian! A few years ago I found a very nice deal on a 4C that included the ligature and cap. According to the seller, it had come with a new sax that he had purchased so I guess he didn't need it. It really helped me to improve (our director refers to me as an "advanced novice, whatever that is). Unfortunately, I dropped it which took a slice out of the tip. My current preferred is a hard rubber model that was made by our woodwinds instructor ( and is marked as a 4C*. I also have two other pieces of unknown brand. This forum is my top source for information and input and I also watch the videos from One of these days, I will actually learn how to play this thing!

Whilst I've been through many alto MPs and ended up with a PPT 6** I hadn't played tenor for maybe 5 years (and only dabbled then) so that when my new Jericho tenor came my few tenor MPs (Selmer Soloist F included) didn't work well. I spotted a Yamaha 6C and that's much better, with La Voz MS.
My thinking that I needed to get back to trainee mode has worked and I'm hoping once my embouchure has advanced I can get on to something "better" but the 6C is fine for now.
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