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Mouthpieces Tip Opening and Tone

Last month, Jay did this video about some of the factors in opening and reed choices. While it's also an infomercial for his line of pieces, it's a very simple explanation especially for beginners.

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I have long held in my mind @Pete Thomas's comments about the tonal qualities of the PPT tenor according to choice of tip opening

Is it usual for different tip openings on the same mouthpiece to affect tone and are there some general rules (or concepts) about what happens as the opening increases/decreases?

Do dynamics change appreciably and are there any other qualities that one might have thought of?

In my experience smaller tips are more focused and concentrated in tone. Larger tips are more hollow in tone. They sound larger and louder but at a certain tip opening that hollowness that I hear in the tone annoys me.

It depends a lot on the baffle but for me anything with a Link type baffle still has that core I love up to .105. Larger than that can start having that hollowness. High baffled pieces I can play up to .115 usually with the core and focus I want but when I go over .115 I start detecting that hollowness again. For alto the breaking point for me is around .080 on a Meyer type baffle and about .085-.090 for a high baffle type alto piece.
Strange circumstances mean that I own a 10* Link rubber. I can barely play the thing, but when I do it sounds just like other HR links to me.
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