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Mouthpieces Testing JodyJazz HR* - Alto sax

Is the MO a larger lig than the Optimum do you know? The Optimum is just too tight for my JJ HR.
Ring up and ask them. There is also a similar single screw selmer ligature that is widely used. I do have leather and other metal ligatures but find they deaden the sound, something I want to be able to manipulate with my embroucher as I soundscape scales, chords, tunes, etc.
When soloing, playing lead, practicing, on every instrument, in every style, exaggerate the movements of the soundscape. Be unashamedly over the top.
I am now in the ligatures don"t matter (much) camp! After too many years of GAS currently languishing in a draw 2X FL ligs + plates @ £71 = each, Vandoren Optimun @ £81, BG Duo @ £95. BG Traditional (gold plate) @ £132 plus numerous assorted Rovners.. Currently happily using provided Otto links originals, Single screw Selmers and the odd Cheapy Chinese brass.

I note that the Vandoren M|O is available in both gold and aged gold so you can pretend you've had it forever, snake oil or what? Still if you can afford it and it makes you feel good and happy go for it.
all the others had sold out so I had to get rose gold for the alto. lol. I kinda like it now.
I've just called a local shop and they said a lot of people prefer rose gold for the sound! They didn't have one in though, not that I subscribe to lig material making much difference.

Is the MO much more flimsy/fragile than the Optimum?
It looks like the alto mouthpieces were smaller before 2016. This page for JodyJazz ring ligatures gives a different size as being required for HR* alto mouthpieces from before 2016: JodyJazz POWER RING® Ligature | JodyJazz

I have a post-2016 HR* alto model. I found the Rovner HR alto ligatures to be too big, but a GF-System GF-08S flexible ligature fits well, as does a Francois Louis Pure Brass.
Since my first post in this thread, I started playing the JJ HR*6 as my regular setup and I'm very happy with it. The BG Duo ligature works very well for me. I use either Rico Select Jazz 2H or Legere Signature on this mouthpiece, and they seem to be made to work together.

If the BG Duo doesn't seem to fit this mouthpiece, I'd suggest paying attention to the rubber pieces by the screw in the inner part of the ligature: until you're aware of them they may make it harder to fit the ligature to the mouthpiece.

I occasionally use the BG Duo with a Vandoren Optimum as well (whenever I fool around classical repertoire). That's also a very good fit IMHO.
@StebaSax Thanks for the info. Do you know if you have a pre 2016 model or post? As @davidk notes, the mouthpieces seem to be smaller before 2016. I sent photos to Jody Jazz and they confirmed mine is the newer model.
@Alexandra, I bought the mouthpiece at the beginning of 2019. I assume it's the current model, I don't know how to make sure though.
I'm recently new to the JJ HR 7M, Alto mouthpiece. I've been very happy with the 100th anniversary NY Meyer 6M. I acquired it in #8 also, Using my favorite brand of reed, Fibracell #3.strength. I tried the #8, thinking it would be mostly a case queen for keep sake, because of the much larger tip opening I felt would be of no real benefit to me for routine playing. I was wrong, I did not find the larger tip opening any more difficult to play and it added a noticeable refinement to the quality of my tone that I appreciated and perhaps suggests I may need to move up a little in strength for the #6.

Then comes the JJ HR #7. As described it was immediately even freer blowing than I thought the Meyer was, using the same #3 reed, which I found lined up better and easier on the HR. It is a little brighter also and as described in a JJ demo, I did find the altissimo range easier. It's not an area I've put much effort in yet, but while scaling along in the key of "A", I accidentally found high G#. No doubt there's a difference in the facing curves that accounts for this.

I use a Vandoren optimum ligature which is at the just right fit point and have not bothered to try the ligature that accompanied the mouthpiece. I thought I had found the mouthpiece I'd been looking for in the Meyer NY, but I've taken to the HR pretty strongly, with an occasional trip back to the NY in #8 to finish searching out the enhancement in tone character over the #6. It's not just the sound, there's a noticeable difference in the physiology behind how I play with the #8 in vibrato and embouchure that's working together synergistically.
I found the Vandoren Optimum was too tight on the JJ with any thicker stock reeds (V12), and although it would fit thinner stocks (Vandoren ZZ) the position was extremely limited. I like my ligature further down the reed.

I agree the JJ HR* is a very free blowing mouthpiece, which is why I prefer a harder, thicker reed on it for more control. I use a 6 but I'm curious about the 7 now! Also very interested to see if the bring out the new JJ HR* Custom Dark for alto as they just have for tenor.
That put's my "Just right" comment in context, as the ligature sets up right about where the stop line would be if it had one like the Meyer does.That is an observation I made considering the reed vamp does tend have that "You're crowding me" look, but I haven't noticed any adverse effect and considering the Fibracell has a plastic coating on the face that tends to show rail mark impressions, it's probably a good location for that type of reed. As I'm curious about the effects of the impressions on seal consistency over different mouthpieces.
try Jody Jazz power ring. I have a Jody Jazz HR 5m with powering. it works very well though I do not live the mouthpiece itself
I like the single screw ligatures, particularly the canvass/band type. I just took a look at the JJ power ring and that's definitely one I'll pass on, considering it's priced more like a traditional Men's wedding band and not far from what I paid for the mouthpiece at a discounted price.

I'll give him an "A" for creativity, but I can't tell the difference in play between the ligatures I have once the reed is setup where I want it (getting a little far sighted) and any nuances I've noticed have had more to do with where I align the reed tip with the mouthpiece tip from what I've found with adjustments in the middle of practice. They look nice though.

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