Beginner Should lower notes be harder to play?

Stephen Howard

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Can anyone explain to me why the bottom notes of a bari sax are so easy to play compared with the other sizes?
I suspect, purely from empirical data, that the lower the note...the less fussy it is about leaks.
I often see basses and baritones with leaks that would stop a tenor or an alto dead in its tracks...and yet it's quite possible to hit low notes on them. Granted, they're a bit wooly, but they get there nonetheless.

It's God's way of telling you not to play soprano....
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FWIW, I don't think I notice a difference in difficulty of low notes between alto and bari (I've never played a tenor). Certainly on my instruments I find any bell notes take more concentration than others to hit cleanly, but equally so on alto or bari.

As for soprano - that's what clarinets are for ;)
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