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PPT alto mouthpiece passaround anyone?

Pete Thomas

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Are you going to wait until after the pandemic ends? Proper sterilization is the main issue I should think, if not. Perhaps having a protocol for everyone to follow, so people will all do it the same way and make it totally safe.
I believe it will be safe if basic precautions (that we all know about by now) are followed.
It really doesn't matter what the person before you did. PPTs being synthetic permit thorough washing with soapy water. Let dry completely and then wait 72 hours and you have double- or triple-guarded against transmission.

We can ask people to wash and sterilise before sending on, but [people for their own protection should take the precautions when they receive it. I would suggest hot(tish) water and detergent and scrubbed inside with bottle brush or toothbrush. For belt and braces sanitiser also. Then of course there will be some quarantining during postage.

PPTs I sell are play tested anyway (but usually many days before selling).


I think the only PPT I ever tried were for baritone. I would also be interested in trying the alto, if possible...

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