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Hello and sorry for my late response, I had to travel for unscheduled business issues...
So here is my impression.

Size -> The perfect size for me is No6

Sound -> D'addario offers one of the best mouthpieces for those that want to go contemporary. It gave some extra "life" to my Beaugnier Tenor, and I found it "too much" at a good friend's YTS-62 tested it also. But I'm a darker fuller sound guy, instead of being what most people want .... louder - brighter etc.

Response -> This thing has an immediate and effortless response. Tonguing is effortless. This is the only mouthpiece that I've ever experienced this. 0 resistance. This can be good for people that play for hours and want something powerful and easy to play

"Competitors @ my shelf" -> A Macsax Aura & my PPT Onyxite 7*.
Well the Aura is a Florida Link copy ... it has the link feeling ... it plays with the Link embouchoure and it has a bit more bright sound than my magical STM NY.
The PPT is an exceptional all around mouthpiece that I use mostly when I go RnR ... it's bright .. but being in the style of a Berg Larsen mpc .. it's easy to play and it can go darker easily if I want.

Would I replace any of the competitors with the D'addario? -> Well ... I don't think so . But if I were an RnB/Pop/Modern Jazz/Smooth Jazz guy ... I think this little thing would be the Holy Grail of mouthpieces for me at a "normal" price


This is a great, perfectly crafted mouthpiece for like 90% of contemporary saxophonists. I'm really traditional and even though I found it brighter than what I play and like .... it felt so wonderful that it made me want to play. I played it in various rooms (home , studio etc. ) and no matter how much the sound was affected by the room .. it had a certain pleasant character. I think D'addario's mouthpiece offers what most people want and I think this mouthpiece will be the classic of the future. Even though I'm stuck in the darker fuller sound of the past ... I understand that most people want something else and this mouthpiece delivers exactly that .

Unfortunately I'm stuck in the classics of the past, so I will stay with my NY STM and my PPT when I want to get naughty. Thanks for including me here ... for the trust and honor .... please send me the next member's address and I will send them ASAP.
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