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Top 40 Saxophone Solos
I purchased that from John Laughter many years when he was writing CD reviews in Saxophone Journal. It comes with 2 CD set - the first CD is the book and the second CD is music with tracks by Andy Brush, Chris 'Snake' Davis, Andrew Clark, Ed Calle and a whole bunch of other players. My version covers 1955 to 2004. I actually printed the book from the first CD and made three books / volumes out of it. Lots of information including bios of the various players.

Greg S.

John Laughter

Hey Greg S. Thanks for the note. I appreciate it.

We now have "The History of Top 40 Saxophone Solos -1955 - 2019" in PDF format for emailing and is free for the asking. I don't send the CD (Andy Brush, Chris 'Snake' Davis, Andrew Clark, Ed Calle) any longer due to the expense.

The PDF file contains the songs, names of the saxophone players that we have confirmed, a lot of history, photos, bios, some interesting notes on those who took credit but did not play the solo. The document is now over 530 pages. Just send a PM to me with your email address and I will send the file.
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