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Beginner Finding the key of a song

Greg Strange

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A couple of books for self-education in music theory are "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Music Theory by Michael Miller" and "Music Theory For Dummies by Michael Pilhofer".

I have a copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide..." and it takes a person with no music knowledge and basically gives a good grounding in the subject. The only gripe I have is the author's explanation for transposing baritone sax parts which is stated as the same as bass sax, and all sax players know that can't be correct as the baritone is pitched in Eb and the bass in Bb - hopefully that is corrected in later editions...

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Pete Thomas

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Middle eight in a different key? Try Body and Soul or Skylark or...well most of the good'ns. ;)
Indeed and I don’t think anyone would dispute that, it would not surprise me if the vast majority of middle eights were in a different key, especially if we assume a different key centre is technically a different key so even when the key signature doesn’t change they basically can be thought of as changing key or modulating
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And just to throw another spanner in the works, some people write music that does not have any sharps or flats Even though it is a key other than C major or A minor.

Instead they add them as they go along as if they were accidentals. Very annoying IMO.
Just the very mention is annoying

How very dare they


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I remember back when the "muddle eights" were called the "bridge". ;) However that describes how I played the ones I couldn't quite remember. The piano player I played in a quartet with for years had a "utility bridge" he went into when he couldn't remember the bridge of a tune. He called it "Melancholy Bridge".

He is the same one who when someone came up and requested a tune we didn't know would say "We don't know that song, but we will play one with a lot of the same notes in it." :)


"utility bridge"
The two I know are either rhythm changes or chromatic from VII to V chord. We were in the middle of an unrehearsed version of "Everybody Has the Blues" and I suddenly realized that the guys didn't know the bridge. We all jumped to rhythm changes without saying anything. Too bad, because the real changes are hipper.
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