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Finding the Key & Chords to Tunes


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Out in the Countryside of Nelson NZ
Hello from earthquake torn NZ..... Tough times!

I recently started playing with a drummer intending to get some Jazz standards good enough to play in public. We had a go about year ago and it was too hard, now we have got back together and we both have improved some, so it's looking more promising, we are practising over playalongs or recordings of Jazz Standards (Ballads mainly)

Have been woodsheding heavily on scales lately and it's good to be playing with others again!

I've decided to learn tunes by ear, using transcribe, not writing anything down, have picked several Hal Leonard playalong like Corcovado and Nearness of You, so for these I have the key and chords, however I'm intending to learn Flamenco Sketches from the Kind of Blue album. I know this is a modal tune but have no idea how to find the key or chords. I'd also like to play this tune either on Alto or Soprano...
So how do I go about it?
Suggestons and help please!

Cheers & Ciao:mrcool


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Hi - terrible times in NZ as you say - hope all is well with you and yours.

I found this info$2353 = not sure how accurate it is but may give you a start. Good luck with it .


Hi, Hard times indeed in NZ

You can use my website to create play along backing tracks to the tunes you are practicing, you just need to type the chords or select one of the many jazz standards from the list.

Hopes this helps you.

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