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I taught beginning band for over twenty years and I was often asked how I could stand to listen to the sounds beginning players make day in and day out. My response was always the same. I told them I only hear the "progress" of the group because that is what I focus on. My advice to anyone learning to play a musical instrument is to do the same. I have never met a musician at any level who is entirely satisfied with how well they play. They are always listening for areas where they can improve. I'm sure they know as I do that once one is completely satisfied that's when the growth stops.


Here is some excellent advice from Martha Graham:
Randulo - this is the part of your generous-as-always post I liked ...
But I didn't agree at all with the get a mic etc - if I had more hours, more strength and more money, I'd practise more, get more lessons and throw away more reeds, not try to turn my acoustic sow's ear into a silk purse by throwing reverb etc at it :p


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When I said "get a mic" what I mean is, a good recording with a mic will be more faithful to sound than a phone. Phones are convenient, but they don't usually make great sounding recordings. Reverb and EQ are a matter of personal taste. When I began sending recordings to my brother, he immediately told me there was too much reverb. I cut it down to just a taste and it sounds good to me now. Forget modifying the recording, it does need to be a good basic sound reproduction. Don't undersell yourself (sow's ear). You're a silk purse waiting to be born.

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You don't need to spend a ton on a mic, some of us started with a Skype mic and and I suspect many of us use Audacity which is open source. I bought a Zoom H1 when funds allowed.
Have a hunt around the old posts to see what others use, in particular look at @Colin the Bear posts, he is excellent at hunting out good stuff at good prices.
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