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theo wanne

  1. Willy the Pimp

    For Sale Theo Wanne 7* Durga Tenor Mouthpiece.

    Theo Wanne 7* Durga Tenor Mouthpiece, excellent condition, £425, I can forward photos on request. The piece is in a leather pouch with all accessories. This piece has been used but as stated in top condition.
  2. Alexandra

    M/Pieces - Ligs Will I be able to sell this NY Bros 2 MP?

    Hi all :) I have a Theo Wanne Alto NY Bros 2 MP, 6. I bought it new from a very reputable London Sax shop in April this year but I'm looking to sell it. It was my first major upgrade mouthpiece but I've recently found a new love! (The new love is the Ishimori HR Jazz MP). I paid £289 for the...
  3. fabriziodalisera

    M/Pieces - Ligs The mouthpiece zone: reviews - aizen, wanne, drake, otto link and more

    Hi, in this page I have put together some mouthpiece video reviews that I have done over the years. I have just completely rebuilt my website, I hope you enjoy it! MOUTHPIECE ZONE
  4. Jules

    SOLD Theo Wanne Mantra Tenor Mouthpiece 7*

    Up for grabs- my Theo Wanne Mantra tenor 7* mouthpiece. I’ve been gigging on this one quite a bit over the last year- its an extremely well finished and designed take on a metal Berg, bright-ish but fat, with a great hair trigger responsiveness. As with all Theo kit it’s got the built in lig-...
  5. D

    M/Pieces - Ligs Jody Jazz Giant vs Theo Wanne Ambika

    Anyone have the experience of comparing both of these tenor mouthpieces? Jody Jazz Giant and Theo Wanne Ambika... How are they when compared to one another? Your comments would be much appreciated! Thank you
  6. D

    M/Pieces - Ligs Theo Wanne Ambika anyone?

    Anyone here tried the Ambika for Tenor saxophone? How does it sound wise? Prefer Metal or Hard Rubber? I play mostly on wedding gigs, would you recommend me higher baffled mouthpieces or low baffled? Mostly people pick the Durga rather than anything else on Theo Wanne's mouthpiece line, whats...
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