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Mouthpieces Will I be able to sell this NY Bros 2 MP?


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Hi all :)

I have a Theo Wanne Alto NY Bros 2 MP, 6. I bought it new from a very reputable London Sax shop in April this year but I'm looking to sell it. It was my first major upgrade mouthpiece but I've recently found a new love! (The new love is the Ishimori HR Jazz MP).

I paid £289 for the NY Bros at the time (it's reduced across a number of sites at present). Now I'm more knowledgeable I can see the rails are uneven and there's some rough finishing in the baffle area. One rail is considerably thinner than the other, but I haven't had an issue with reed placement. There's also a very minor discolouration where the Theo Wanne MP protector was. It plays great (my opinion and my teacher's), has a perfectly flat table and passes the suction test. It's only been used by me and looks the same as when I bought it. Judging by these pictures (below) do the 'imperfections' matter in your opinion; will I need to lower my asking price? If I can sell it, I'll do so here. (I have more pictures, but can only attach 2).

Thanks in advance for helping!

Assuming a typical used price (ie around or very slightly over 50%) then the mouthpiece patch discolouration would not be an issue.

But the rails and general strange imperfections would put me off. Granted they are nice photos and blemishes often look worse the better the focus and lighting!

I wouldn't bother with whether it passes a suction test.
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These are currently generally available new for £229. You could sell it if you had the same open and honest description as you've displayed in this post, but I think the price you'd get will be fairly low and a lot less than you paid. If you sold it without such a clear description (which I'm sure you wouldn't) there's every likelihood a disgruntled buyer would demand their money back.

Hardly a good advert for a manufacturer which positions itself at the top of the market.
Thank you for the replies. I'd never want to sell something without being completely honest about the item, hence the high-def images and detailed description. I know I'd expect the same. It's a lesson for me to be more scrupulous when buying sax accessories! I'm so focussed on the sound and all the products I'm testing, I'm all open-ears and blurry-eyes.

Theo Wanne mouthpieces are normally excellent and beyond reproach in terms of quality control. I'm in contact with them now and they're being very helpful.
These are currently generally available new for £229.

Aha, which makes a used resale value at about £120 or so. The plus side is the general condtion of the engraving, good photos and honest description. The minus side being the obvious issues.
Hi all. Just to let you know I have a brand new TW mouthpiece for sale (thank you TW).
Sadly, I have to part with it. See the Yardsale (TW NY Bros 2, size 7). Message me if you have any queries. Thanks.
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