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  1. Pete Effamy

    Potter... again..

    And where do you think an insane amount of diligent practice gets you? View:
  2. MaGushoff

    Saxophones Tenor sax: Buffet 400 vs. Keilwerth ST110 vs. Sequoia

    Hi everyone! I'm on a hunt for a solid tenor. I'm finished my classical saxophone masters last year, my main instrument is alto (Selmer III). I played a lot of tenor at my university (Selmer II) and now I want to buy something on my own. I also play some jazz/funk/rock, so what I'm looking for...
  3. randulo

    Red Holloway (1927-2012)

    On this day 8 years ago, Red Holloway passed away in California. I had the privilege of recording and touring with Red in 1974, and as I listened to the Mayall album we did, I realized that I couldn't find a single saxophone solo on it! Even the tenor or bari parts he played are mixed down so...
  4. S

    Saxophones Courtney Pine’s MK VI for sale at Hanson’s

    Does this mean Mr Pine is now playing a Hanson.
  5. TenorLeaf.

    What kind of reeds are better for larger tip openings?

    I recently bought a Vandoren v16 with a tip opening of about 280. My java reds (size 3) don't seem to play well on it, and they worked fine on my smaller mouthpiece, so I was wondering if I should take the reed strength down a bit.
  6. O

    Curved Soprano as travel sax

    Hello everyone, I started to play tenor sax about 1.5 year ago after a long musical break. I am learning Jazz and improvised music. I try to practice everyday however I am often in business trip and the tenor is not very convenient for travelling. I am considering buying a soprano sax to...
  7. E

    For Sale 1928 Buescher true tone tenor

    1928 true tone tenor completely overhauled and re-padded, not with original style pads. Plays great condition very good for year some laquer markings as expected for a 90 year old sax. No dents or damage. what can i say a great sounding sax if you like vintge, i am only just learning but had no...
  8. E

    SOLD Theo wanne shiva 11 mouthpiece tenor 7* Full details and pics here. I would consider slightly cheper as 5% donation to the cafe. Goes well with the Hansons tenor i'm selling here.
  9. E

    SOLD Hansons V111 tenor raw brass

    Hansons V111 raw brass for sale £1050 ono. Beautiful looking sax plays well all pads excellent hard case (not original included) approx 4 yeaars old. Would prefer to arrange a meeting and cash on collection,
  10. S

    Misaligned Bundy tenor table key

    I recently bought a Selmer Bundy tenor vintage 66-67. I put new pads in and it plays pretty well. The problem is that the G# table key is not centered relative to the other table keys. It's offset towards my hand so my little finger tends to reach beyond it. I searched the internet and...
  11. L

    Saxophones Does anyon know my saxophone?

    Hey! I have a tenor saxophone that i don't much about and I'm curious if anyone here are better at finding out than I am. It has "Alliance" written on the bell, and the number "52681" which I assume is a serial number? And it says "Made in GDR" or "Made in CDR", its a bit unclear. Help please?
  12. randulo

    Chad Lefkowitz-Brown Masterclass at Syos

    Ok, the sound is far from excellent, but the principles he talks about are worth a look. Don't forget the CAFESYOS discount code if you're inclined to order. I'm happy that SYOS is now available here because I still like my two pieces a lot and use them daily. View:
  13. randulo

    Watermelon Man (Studio Jams)

    This series is full of excellent players, great saxes backed by funky rhythm sections. View:
  14. S

    Saxophones YTS 23 Why change ?

    Many of us have or used to have a YTS 23. I have one at the moment. Lovely player, flexible, tough lacquer, takes any mouthpiece, spot on intonation, and can be set up to play at a demon pace. There are plenty of reviews and comments full of praise, but I want to know what tenor YTS 23 owners...
  15. GaryF

    Coming out of the closet

    Hiya I recently took up tenor sax after a 30 year hiatus with my clarinet. As in, I re-took up the clarinet about two years ago Loving playing the tenor, but wow, those long notes are tricky down the register. Anyhow, thanks for this and happy blowing!! Gary
  16. E

    Tenor sax D and below not sounding right.

    Firstly, I'd just like to get it out they way, I have never had trouble with blowing low notes from when I first picked up the horn until now I have been able to play them with ease. I play a selmer USA liberty tenor and have been playing for a year and a half. I have had this selmer USA for...

    Thank you @Griff

    Yesterday I picked up my 1946 silver plated / gold wash bell Conn 10M. It now plays and handles like a dream. @Griff had carried out a full refurb including pads, corks and felts. At some stage in the past someone had filed a couple of the tone holes, Griff has levelled the 2 toneholes and...
  18. C

    Saxophones Buescher Aristocrat S-40

    Hi everyone. I was hoping I could get some help identifying and getting a rough value for my sax. A little background ... It was handed down to me by my grandfather when I was starting band in elementary school and I played it up until I was 16. That was 20 years ago ... since then it has been...
  19. E

    Out of Tune Saxophone

    Hi, I own a Vintage Tenor saxophone which is assumed to be an italian made stencil that selmer requested the production of (around 1948). I was made aware this sax was not the best sax but i got it overhauled anyway more for sentimental reasons. All repairists I spoke to said they would get it...
  20. randulo

    Tony Dagradi - New Orleans

    Big Brother is Watching You! Love the feel here and this is a funky, beautifully-constructed solo, IMHO, about 1 minute in. Any other saxophone players in this vein, I'd love to hear about 'em.
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