1. randulo

    Chad Lefkowitz-Brown Masterclass at Syos

    Ok, the sound is far from excellent, but the principles he talks about are worth a look. Don't forget the CAFESYOS discount code if you're inclined to order. I'm happy that SYOS is now available here because I still like my two pieces a lot and use them daily. View: https://youtu.be/faP5qXfAiJk
  2. randulo

    Watermelon Man (Studio Jams)

    This series is full of excellent players, great saxes backed by funky rhythm sections. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8tiL14J-bs
  3. S

    Saxophones YTS 23 Why change ?

    Many of us have or used to have a YTS 23. I have one at the moment. Lovely player, flexible, tough lacquer, takes any mouthpiece, spot on intonation, and can be set up to play at a demon pace. There are plenty of reviews and comments full of praise, but I want to know what tenor YTS 23 owners...
  4. GaryF

    Coming out of the closet

    Hiya I recently took up tenor sax after a 30 year hiatus with my clarinet. As in, I re-took up the clarinet about two years ago Loving playing the tenor, but wow, those long notes are tricky down the register. Anyhow, thanks for this and happy blowing!! Gary
  5. E

    Tenor sax D and below not sounding right.

    Firstly, I'd just like to get it out they way, I have never had trouble with blowing low notes from when I first picked up the horn until now I have been able to play them with ease. I play a selmer USA liberty tenor and have been playing for a year and a half. I have had this selmer USA for...

    Thank you @Griff

    Yesterday I picked up my 1946 silver plated / gold wash bell Conn 10M. It now plays and handles like a dream. @Griff had carried out a full refurb including pads, corks and felts. At some stage in the past someone had filed a couple of the tone holes, Griff has levelled the 2 toneholes and...
  7. C

    Saxophones Buescher Aristocrat S-40

    Hi everyone. I was hoping I could get some help identifying and getting a rough value for my sax. A little background ... It was handed down to me by my grandfather when I was starting band in elementary school and I played it up until I was 16. That was 20 years ago ... since then it has been...
  8. E

    Out of Tune Saxophone

    Hi, I own a Vintage Tenor saxophone which is assumed to be an italian made stencil that selmer requested the production of (around 1948). I was made aware this sax was not the best sax but i got it overhauled anyway more for sentimental reasons. All repairists I spoke to said they would get it...
  9. randulo

    Tony Dagradi - New Orleans

    Big Brother is Watching You! Love the feel here and this is a funky, beautifully-constructed solo, IMHO, about 1 minute in. Any other saxophone players in this vein, I'd love to hear about 'em.
  10. aldevis

    For Sale Otto Link STM "No Usa" Tenor 11: the Spinal Tap mouthpiece

    Super rare Otto Link "No Usa" 11 STM for tenor This piece takes you to eleven Original, good conditions, easier to play than expected Reluctant sale Otto Link 11
  11. Untitled 3.jpg

    Untitled 3.jpg

    Tenor No USA Otto Link 11 mouthpiece
  12. Untitled 2.jpg

    Untitled 2.jpg

    Tenor No USA Otto Link 11 mouthpiece
  13. Ivan

    Duncan Lamont... essential listening R4 today

    BBC Radio 4 - I Was..., Series 5, I Was Frank Sinatra's Unwanted Saxophonist An engaging type with an interesting story to tell I have recently played either side of Greenock in Paisley and Dunoon, so it is interesting to hear stories about the town I've been driving through
  14. saxflutist

    SOLD Yanagisawa T901 tenor

    Selling my T901 tenor sax. Bought as a backup horn about 12 years ag, ended playing it very rarely and I cannot justify keeping it. Lovely horn in superb condition, plays great with rich tone, excellent intonation and light key action. Includes original strap, mouthpiece and case in excellent...
  15. Col

    SOLD King Zephyr Tenor, 1936

    1936 King Zephyr Tenor. Serial number 188xxx. These saxes are considered up there with the very best pre-war saxes. Beautiful condition, lovely tone and really screams when asked, comes with a hard case. It has the double neck socket and three ring strap holes. In good condition but at least one...
  16. thehunt

    For Sale P.Mauriat PMXT-66R Tenor sax

    I used to be on the forum a few years ago but due to having ME and now a neurological problem have finally realised that i am unable to play my beloved sax anymore. ( in fact i have not played for four years ) so the sax has been sitting quietly in it's case. Wanted to offer here first as i...
  17. ellinas

    SOLD PPT Tenor mouthpiece - Onyxite 7*

    Hello I'm really sad I'm doing this but I'm selling my PPT 7* Onyxite Tenor mouthpiece - in excellent condition. I'm so locked in my Otto link lately it's sad this super mouthpiece is not played anymore £110 including shipping anywhere in the world. I can accept Paypal :) I will donate the...
  18. Ivan

    Saxophones Blingtastic

    Fancy a sax with four octave pips, 'deep' water abalone touchpieces, integral knuckle duster, an altissimo key and copper finish? Look no further than Saxgourmet Category Five Tenor A tenor costing $18,250 or £13,750 has to be worth every penny, surely?
  19. Jules

    SOLD Theo Wanne Mantra Tenor Mouthpiece 7*

    Up for grabs- my Theo Wanne Mantra tenor 7* mouthpiece. I’ve been gigging on this one quite a bit over the last year- its an extremely well finished and designed take on a metal Berg, bright-ish but fat, with a great hair trigger responsiveness. As with all Theo kit it’s got the built in lig-...
  20. Karolis

    SOLD Trevor James Horn 88 Tenor

    Well looked after 15 months old tenor in great condition. ( no dings, scratches). New currently selling at sax.co.uk. for - 1349 £, gear4music - 1419 £. I am asking £980 - 1120Eur. Reduced to £880 Happy to give a skype demonstration for anyone interested.
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