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  1. BrianJoeSandy

    An approach to scales Major and Minor

    Usual approach is first major then minor. I had got quite used to minor blues in Bb and realised the relative major comes by ignoring the 5b , adding the 2 ie C and the 6b ie F#. Bingo I now have all the notes of Db major. Obvious I suppose but it came as a revelation to me. Familiar with the...
  2. MMM

    King Biscuit The Bedford Balham December 3rd

    Hello All, The band I play in (King Biscuit) is playing at the Bedford pub in Balham on December 3rd. We will be joined by the "Peter Parker Rock and Roll Club" a really interesting duo (check them out on YouTube!) and a DJ. King Biscuit is a 7 piece playing blues, R&B tunes. Like us and share...
  3. D

    If you've been dying to play your favorite classic sax solos, this 3-step method can help you...

    Hey fellow sax players! I wanted to let you know about a new and exciting course that is being released today. Like you, when I first started playing the sax, I just wanted to play all those awesome sax solos I heard on the radio in the 70's and 80's. You know, the ones like Baker Street...
  4. PeteTheHog

    Hog's Blues, v1

    View: This is me playing my own's my first attempt at writing music. I think there are good parts and not so good parts, i just wanted to share it Ps...i had only been playing for two years then (i started 2013). Pete
  5. Veggie Dave

    Traditional Blues Players

    I've just had two weeks of thinking I'd lost any and all control I'd managed to gain in my short foray into saxophone playing while trying my hand at a little blues improvisation, only to discover the problem was in fact that I'm a tight-fisted northerner who should've change his reed weeks ago...
  6. Chris

    CafeSaxophone Blues thread..

    It's about time the Cafe had its own Blues thread:sax:. So here it is. This is all about you and the Blues:w00t: No complex jazz changes to challenge the grey matter:confused:, no blistering tempo to change the arthritis :old:. This is open to ALL members to have a play with. There's NO melody...
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