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If you've been dying to play your favorite classic sax solos, this 3-step method can help you...


Hey fellow sax players!

I wanted to let you know about a new and exciting course that is being released today.

Like you, when I first started playing the sax, I just wanted to play all those awesome sax solos I heard on the radio in the 70's and 80's.

You know, the ones like Baker Street, It's Still Rock and Roll to Me, Old Time Rock and Roll, Modern Love...

At the time, I just figured I would look for sheet music and read the solos, since I was a really good reader.

But I learned quickly that those transcriptions were not always correct, especially with the rhythms.

So I tried to figure them out by ear....

I did okay, but when I went to play either the solo or a cool lick from the solo in front of friends I couldn't remember it.

Even though I worked my butt off learning the thing, I couldn't pull it off outside the practice room.

It occurred to me that I really didn't LEARN the wasn't internalized.

A few years later, after teaching music in public schools for a while, I took a summer Professional Development course that totally changed how I would learn tunes and licks, and how I would teach it.

After testing this method, and refining it for my students, I found that it really helped them not only learn the solo, but internalize it well enough to be able to recall it even months later.

I was floored by the results, and incredibly happy because my bands were sounding so much better than many of my colleagues in the district and County.

Even my private students were getting the same great results.

I currently use this method to help me learn a lot of tunes (I had to learn 61 in 8 days for a recent NYE gig. and patterns.

If you want your playing to improve leaps and bounds like mine and my students, check out this course

It's a 4-week course, where you will get weekly videos to help you learn the Solo of the week, Prep Videos to help you understand and play the solos better, and videos on how to maximize your practicing to get more results.

There will also be a Secret Facebook group for everyone to ask questions, post their progress and support each other.

Since there will also be a Live Webinar, I have to close down the shopping cart by this Sunday, Jan 17 at 11:59pm PST in order to make sure everyone gets all the materials in the course.

I've spent over 27 years teaching people and love helping musicians reach their goals and succeed.

I would love to work with you to help you play these amazing solos and have fun playing saxophone!

Take care,
Got a lesson? Late for dinner are we? >:):rofl:

Sorry DonnaSax you have been "Cafe-Saxed"
"Ca-fe-Sax" verb To take an otherwise serious topic or discussion in a different direction which produces mirth and frivolity. past tense "Ca-fe-Saxed" example: "Her efforts to introduce a new method of learning solos were Cafe Saxed by the first response" in the thread.

Don't worry many of us have been "cafe saxed" at one time or another. I used to get upset by folks not taking everything I post seriously, but now I just join in the fun. He he he. . .

edit: "Cafe-saxed" seems to have a better ring to it than just "cafe'd".
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