Saxophones Your thoughts please?


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I expect one of them was, there were enough coming over here with their marauding.
Not to start another debate, but would you say the sword or the hilt was more important to a viking's marauding style?


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Watch London: 2000 Years of History on My5. Lots of Viking info.

Also... talking about the Black Death one of the presenters stands on a London bridge saying "...due to the pandemic these streets would have been deserted, hard to imagine now isn't it?"


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Hi I am going to upgrade my Saxaphone, I have a yamaha yas 23 student sax which is great but I have fallen in love with Jazz and want something with a more darker tone. I am on a budget of around £1000 and have been told that the Selmer liberty would be ideal as a step up and more darker tone, it's also bang on budget.
What are your thought and does anyone know much about this sax? Thanks
Hello Burt
Lots of replies already on your post ,yamaha,s are bright, play well and you have an excellent horn!.
You cant go wrong with a yas 23, although a vintage saxophone like Old conns, martins,selmers , etc would possess, sound quality that is certainly richer and darker, its then if you don't mind going for an older sax?...
1,They would be more difficult ergonomically ,intonation, could be an issue?,You would need to know its in decent playing order.
My youngest sax is a Yamaha soprano yss62 I think that dates from 82,after that I play with vintage horns far older.
That sound works for me, its just a thought but you could explore that route.
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