Beginner Sax Thoughts on the soprano yamaha yss475ll ??


i want to upgrade my 1st soprano sax from a rosetti series 7 curved to this...... thoughts please and if this is a wise move?
How long have you been playing?

I waited about a year before upgrading my sop, only so that I would know more of what I wanted out of it.

Nothing wrong with the 475 but I would recommend going to a shop and trying a few first, what suits other people might not suit you, whereabouts are you and perhaps we can recommend some places to go and try some.

Is there something specific about this horn you like?

im only saying this sax cos on say upgrade your sax and this yamaha version pops up.
I know nothing about saxophone models, what make would you say is best? i live in darlington in england
If you can take a trip to Woodwind Exchange in Bradford you will find them very helpful, perhaps call first to see if they have anything in your price range.

There are lots of well made sops available it's what you feel comfortable playing that counts.:)

waaaay too far to go when theres decent music shops near me, i just need advice on the next best thing for a guy who has been playing a year
If I were you, with decent music shops in the vicinity, I'd go along to them and try whatever they have available so you can get a personal feel for the different makes/models. People have different views, and what suits them might not suit you.
Isn't George Gladstone in Darlington, near House of Fraser? They have a good reputation so I'd pop in there and ask their advice if I were you. Just a quick look on their website and they stock the YSS so you could try it in the shop too.
The time to upgrade is when your present instrument is holding you back. That would be when you can play the one you've got.

Almost the same goes about the mouthpiece.
I prefer a good mouthpiece on an average instrument than a bad mouthpiece on a top horn.

YSS475 does not drive me crazy.
Almost the same goes about the mouthpiece.
I prefer a good mouthpiece on an average instrument than a bad mouthpiece on a top horn.

YSS475 does not drive me crazy.

My Yamaha YSS 475 (Mark I) doesn't drive me crazy either - my Walstein use to drive me crazy - sticky pads, corks falling off - it use to really p!ss me off - until my favourite horn repair man worked his magic...mind you the Yamaha retails for over $4,500.00 (over 2,000.00 squid) here in NZ and the Walstein probably cost me about all up $1,100.00, 6 or 7 years ago.

The Yamaha soprano is typically Yamaha, just a great horn to play...

If it's good enough for LA session sax man Jeff Driskill, it's good enough for the rest of us...

Greg S.
Like most things it depends on how much you want to spend.
There are sometimes good bargains available on Gumtree or Preloved not everyone's a rogue.
Something like a fairly new Bauhaus Walstein might suit you, they have a good reputation.

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