Saxophones Which upgrade instrument?

Thanks guys for the input.

That Yamaha seems a very good price, I must admit. Thing is, I wouldn't take it on spec and I'm not in the Oxford area, so I can't compare easily. The one I have on offer is in amazing condition - regardless of it's age. It has been in it's case virtually since it was bought and the purple logo is completely intact.

Decisions decisions!

I don't think I will be splashing out on another mouthpiece for a while - my new Vandoren is doing me just fine for the moment.

Many thanks
I started on Bufette Evette tenor noew from Mayatss in Hitchin, very good sax then upgraded to JK SX90R tenor, mmmmmmmmm, I'm so in love with my tenor (sad I know and the wife thinks I am seeing another woman, my JK is so sexy though) Anyway, I also play Trevor James Sig series Alto, lovely bright sound. I want a darker more brooding sound. Ive changed mpc, link ebonite 6* now ponzol M2 80 but all a bit bright. Is is the sax? is it the mpc?
Decisions. Anyaway, fined a sax that when you play it it just feels right. Thats the secret for me now I am more experienced. I bought the TJ alto as a relative newcomer from first renting from Would I have the TJ now given how I feel some time later? Probable not, experience and a feel for what you want is what I would use now. Probably JK SX90 R alto, by the way my JK tenor is the 20 anniversary model reviewd on Mr Howards excellent website.
Take your time and feel the sexiness of the sax then buy but not before.

Good hunting

Not serious...;} just would rather pay £850 for a Yamaha 62 rather than £600 more, when the instrument in question has been serviced and is from a reputable dealer. For me, personally, I would buy the Borgani if still available, but have a Yani T901/Bronze Neck/FL mouthpiece, Lig and Reeds which are quite enough for me for the foreseeable future.

Mouthpieces just can seem to be exceptionally pricey (I have an FL which is now at £250, and a Barone Jazz (about £250 now), after significant reduction) but they can seem to go up and up, AND do have their advocates/fans. Yes, you can buy an excellent Trombone AND Trumpet together for £600, which would tempt me more, and you can get excellent mouthpieces for £100 or so (Ponzol Vintage HR / Vandoren V16 HR and several others.

Kind regards

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