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Reeds What reeds?


Thanks again for all the advice.

thought id post an update.

just to fill the gaps Tom has almost been a consultant for me with advice ect on reeds and kindly sent me some examples.

I went on to try Toms method of preparation ie- soaking in a special mix? well I did just that and tried my practice session starting with long notes (bare in mind i only picked a sax up for the first time 3 weeks ago) well the result was startling, even my wife came in from the kitchen to see if it was me producing the best sounding notes ive achieved to date.

I went onto play the short pieces ive been doing with my Tutor and every note just seemed perfect (in my ears anyway) compared to the usual broken notes or squeeks.

I then threw caution to the wind and changed the reed for another new reed (Reco royal) which id prepared the same way and that had the same effect.

I practised for a few hours with breaks and I finished feeling so pleased, definitely the best practice session Ive had yet and I haven't missed a day since I bought the new yanagisawa 3 weeks ago.

well the next day I repeated the reed preparation however I couldn't produce a single note without squeaking ! got very frustrated, swapped reeds, re-assembled the mouth piece but nothing made a difference, kids ahd to go to bed so that put pay to the worst practice session so far!!

The next day (today) I got home from work, a little apprehensive but decided not to prep the reeds and simply wet the marco jazz Tom had sent me in my mouth assembled the mouth piece and started practising after a few minutes.

and I was back to nice clean long notes on my warm up, tried a few of the short pieces and all was again well with the world. practised for half an hour then my 7 year old boy decided he wanted to join in with me on his recorder and we had a good jamming session to Hot cross buns and 3 blind mice!

after an e-mail discussion with my tutor today I think i need to find a middle ground and stick with something that's consistent, well as consistent as I can be!

definitely believe there's something in Toms method as it produced the best notes ive managed to date.

again grateful to all who offered advice.

Rgds Lee.

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