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What have you been offered while busking?

Bob M.

Around these parts, we would more than likely think the kids actually thought you were homeless or a out of work player and therefor hungry. bless their heart. It is sort of ironic here in the US honestly because they have done shows on 'pan handlers'/'beggers' and even many who act crippled when they are not to beg, or have signs asking for money to feed their pets/etc. who actually are very well off because of it. on one show they had a news person dress up as a homeless person and panhandle and they made $1500 USD in two days. There is one over around here like a few miles away in the same location, and he parks this really nice new suv a few parking lots over and walks to his spot with his small dog or the sign that asks for money for his dog, and people who know him says he owns a very nice house actually in a good area.

I've never busked however, once I was playing at my citys central fountain just letting it go a bit, and someone gave me a very well paying gig playing at a gathering. I do not play for a living honestly, so it was fun and had a wonderful time.
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