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M/Pieces - Ligs Test of Five Mouthpieces


@DavidUK I say this will all due respect and joviality: we are all different, your experience doesn't mean that I will have the same. I don't think the PPT is defective, although the cork business is odd, come to think of it. Pete couldn't think of any reason for the sizzle effect. Actually, it might be nice for some things. I've played it maybe ten times but never for long. Sometime it feels good, but I have to say, the Syos and the adjusted Vandoren are the most pleasurable to play. I play the small tip Syos for 2-4 hour a day and like it best. The blue, wider one, is a litte harder but also louder and not called for in the house.

I hope it was clear this was a "test" for fun, just to see what anyone thought. It's the first time I could play one melody almost the same each time. Having a bunch of sax experts (or at the very least aficionados) listen is an opportunity I was happy to take advantage of. The average person would listen live and say "Are those the shoes you're going to wear on stage?" In other words, hard to say what the average person would think of any of them. Then there's the room, possibly a sound system and other players. Life is complex, but isn't it fun?
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