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And reacently I bouhgt a Klingsor tenor. Just before Eastern, I send my son to inspect and testplay a Cuesnon Monopole baritone in Stockholm. A bargain. And there is a overhauled ready-to-play New KIng alto from the 50's .... . I'm stuck again.

With two in the family playing the saxophone, it stands to reason that you need to be able to have access to a number of instruments above the household average. Then the times have to be covered when one has to be taken in for a service or you have run out of reeds for that particular model. And I can see from your listing that you are not the ordinary hack. On the contrary, you have good judgement, and you recognise a bargain. Clearly, nothing to worry about.


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Chris: I think it's a bari from the 60's. I refused the offer, even if I was temped. I thouhgt I could sell it and make som money to put into my Rocksax projects. I'm always chaeting myself, but not this time! I think a friend of mine is going to buy it!

Beckmesser: I'm already spending too much time on keeping my saxes in good playing condition. I want to play more!


BTW: A saxplayer that use to come to our Rocksax meetings called me. He is going to buy a Mariaut tenor and he wonder if I want to buy is The Martin Tenor -59. A good one ... . His sax is better than my -55!!
beuscher C-sop -23,beuscher Bb-sop -28,conn Bb-sop -25,schenkelaars Bb-sop c-50(keilwerth),schenkelaars alto c-60(weltklang),keilwerth alto -55,corton de luxe(yanagisawa)-c-80,martin commII -40,the martin alto -57,conn c-melody-27,martin HC(commI),the martin tenor -55,the martin magna tenor -59,klingsor (Hammerschmidt) tenor-c50-60,the martin baritone -62,pennsylvania baritone c-38 (V.Kohlert) + some secondline and stencil saxes from Martin company!!!


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Hey John, (in a suitably deep and threatening voice :w00t:)

You've got a YAS62 asleep in it's case! - How could you do that? Don't you have a heart, it's meant to be played, give it a chance, let it show you what it can do, it'll stand by you whatever happens. By the way, is it an original 62 or the later 62II?

All the best,

Hi chris

Yes silly isn't it not to use the best you have to help to improve your playing perhaps ,and it is immaculate with no dents at all and just one or two minor scratches I believe it's about 12 yrs old with no pitting under the lacquer the no is 0882xx,it has the long bottom guard.

Unfortunately I do have one or two issues with it,silly really I suppose, although it plays beautifully,I don't like the way it hangs on the sling, and you have to put the neck on at a funny angle rather than in a line straight through the sax to achieve a comfortable playing position.

Actually if you watch people playing on you tube you will quite often see this funny neck angle thing.

I also have dreams of something better, perhaps a custom,but having said that there is one on ebay at the moment and it seems to have some pitting problems,not good for a sax of this supposed quality

So with this dream in mind I leave the 62 in slumber so it stays in it's pristine state,it's surprising how scratched a sax can get just using it at home,my loved elkhart is quite badly marked despite treating it with lots of care,so thats the story on the 62.

I've had a bit of a look at reaper but it's all above me I'm afraid so I've printed off the first 100 pages of the manual to have a read up on it but I don't hold out much hope, I could do with a bit of one to one tuition to get me started with it I think.....bye for now john:confused:

ps OH DEAR I'm looking at an old martin stencil on ebay at the moment ooops
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