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Practicing Overtones

Hi Marcello, The imagination of exhaling through the nose, not the mouth (though impossible) while playing might help you, as it softens the areas that have to react to the stimulus of pitch.


"One time at band camp" that actually happened to me. I was a sophomore in high school at a 6 week music camp and was playing so many hours a day that I somehow lost the ability to stop the air from also coming out my nose when I blew into my saxophone. The other kids in the section joked that I just needed to get a swimmer's noseplug. At the medical center I was told not to practice as much and the problem would go away by itself. I followed that advice and in a few days everything was back to normal.
Take up a brass instrument,non valved is good to start, will give you a good feel of hitting the partials... I was OK on overtones on tenor before but bit 'hit 'n' miss and tone on some was thin then I moved to Bb cornet/tenor horn/Bb bugle (that's another story)... returning recently to my tenor (I've not played for over two years but played my Baritone infrequently) I find I'm constantly in 'Junior Walker' land, having said that I naturally started to play high on 'brass' as well..brass makes you 'think' a note whereas on sax you depend on a fingering combination.

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