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Saxophones Opinion on B & S Blue label alto sax to help out a newbie


... and I wasn't commenting on saxophones at all. I just remember what East German goods were like.


Black Forest
Hello all, I was hoping I could get some help regarding my daughters B&S blue label alto sax serial no 1379 (pretty sure it was made before the unification of Germany. We bought it off her previous saxophone teacher and she has been playing it for the last 4 years. About 9 months ago we had a full service and were told it was all fixed. Just this last week her newest teacher has said that it has a leak somewhere and there is an issue with the guard? affecting the D key? (you might have guessed by now I know nothing lol). We live in Australia and it seems that her school band teachers don't know anything about this brand and are pressuring me to buy a new Jupiter brand saxophone. I love the B & S it sounds amazing to me but am I in my ignorance making school band harder for myself by continuing on with the B&S?
I'd take a leaky B&S Blue label any day of the weak over a Jupiter. The B&S horns are excellent instruments (I have 2 tenors and one alto) and IMHO, the teacher just disqualified himself.

D'UH, didn't pay attention, another necrothread, LOL

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